My Panel at the Reading-UNCTAD International Business Conference, 13th-14th June.

8 05 2015

I’m really looking forward to my panel at the Reading-UNCTAD International Business Conference. Here are the details:

Andrew Smith, “The persistence of liberal norms in a Hong Kong-based MNE: HSBC in the first world war”
Discussant: Lucy Newton

Lucy Newton, “Multinationals, image and identity: HSBC and the construction of corporate identity through the portrait”
Discussant: Andrew Smith

Peter Miskell, “The movie multinationals: why was it only American firms that managed to compete successfully in international film markets, and how did they do it?” Discussant: Peter Scott

Peter Scott & James Walker, “When does recent experience matter in sequential location choice? The moderating role of institutional duality in outward investment from emerging country” Discussant: Peter Miskell



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