Canadian Business History at Conferences in June 2015

29 05 2015

People who are attending the ​Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences meeting in Ottawa may wish to check out the meeting of business historians on 1 June. The Congress is made up of the meetings of nearly 70 disciplinary associations that range from the very small (e.g., the meeting devoted to Hungarian Studies) to the annual conferences of the Canadian Historical Association and the Canadian Political Science Association. Since business history is inherently interdisciplinary, I suspect that interested scholars from all disciplines would be welcome to show up at the event on 1 June. The session listed below is part of the Canadian Historical Association meeting but the commentator, Herb Emery, is an economist.

I’m intrigued by the news that there will be a mysterious “big announcement” at the meeting of business historians on 1 June.

1 June 2015

3:15-4:45 / 15h15-16h45 ​[location TBD]​

​Panel 3​4. Canadian Business History: Critical and Interdisciplinary / L’histoire du monde des affaires au Canada : approche critique et interdisciplinaire

Facilitator / Animateur: J. Andrew Ross (University of Guelph)

Jason Russell (Empire State College – SUNY): Making Managers Beyond Canada: The Canadian International Development Agency, the Western Business School, and the University of the West Indies in the 1970s

Stephen Salmon (Steamer Consulting): “… the worst cases”: Swan, Hunter and the Canadian Great Lakes Trades, 1921-1940

Commentator / Commentateur: Herbert Emery (University of Calgary)

Sponsored by the Business History Group / Parrainée par le Comité d’histoire des affaires

5:00-6:00 [Location TBD]

​Business History Group ​meeting where there will be a ​preview of an upcoming big announcement!

Yet more business-historical research will be presented at the meeting of Canada’s Administrative Science Association. For some reason, the ASAC 2015 conference isn’t part of the Congress and will be held in Halifax. The ASAC should really be part of the Congress to make it easier for historians,  political scientists, and management scholars to organize interdisciplinary sessions and exchange knowledge.

Anyway, here are the business history panels at the ASAC conference.

Symposium: Lessons in Writing History for MOS Journals



William (Bill) Bonner (Univ ersity of Regina)

Panelists: William Bonner (University of Regina), Gabrielle Durepos (Mount Saint Vincent University), Albert J. Mills (Saint Mary’s University), Patricia Genoe McLaren (Wilfrid Laurier University) & William Foster (University of Alberta)

Practices and Processes in Managing

“Performing Budget Histories” Lawrence Corrigan (Saint Mary’s University)

“The Who, Why, How and Justification for Health Information Abuse: Problematizing the Past”William (Bill) Bonner (University of Regina)

“Are Corporations Managed by Machines? A Late Response to Herbert A. Simon” Alex Ramirez (Carleton University)

ANTi-History at Work

Chair/Présidente : Patricia Genoe McLaren (Wilfrid Laurier University)

“The Organizing of Farmers: History and Understanding in 1970s Nova Scotia” Christopher Hartt (Dalhousie University) & Gretchen Pohlkamp (Province of Nova Scotia)

BEST PAPER / MEILLEURE ARTICLE “The British Airways Heritage Collection: An Ethnographic ‘History’” Kristene Coller (University of Lethbridge), Jean Helms Mills (Saint Mary’s University) & Albert J. Mills (Saint Mary’s University)

Management History in the Service Sector

Chair/Président : Allan Dwyer (Mount Royal University)

“Is it Safer if There is a Historic Bomb Shelter in a Five-Star Hotel?” Kien Le (Saint Mary’s University), Albert J. Mills (Saint Mary’s University) & Jean Helms Mills (Saint Mary’s University)

“Rainy River District: A Study of Rail by Mail” John McCutcheon (Wilfrid Laurier University)

“The Introduction of External Audit and Financial Accounting to the Hudson’s Bay Company: An Historical Performativity Analysis” Alison Kemper (Ryerson University) & Gary Spraakman (York University)



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