The Financial Times For Historical Research

24 09 2015

This sounds interesting. AS.

The Financial Times is working with the British Library to open up access to FT Digital Archive for academic research.

Extracts from the archive materials were used to produce the feature about Britain’s 1975 referendum on European Community membership that was published on today.

The archive consists of scanned images of each of the 903,029 pages comprising all 37,464 print editions of the Financial Times published between 1888 and 2010… The full 123-year dataset is 2.5 terabytes in size.

In addition to researchers interested in 20th-century economic history, this vast dataset is likely to be of interest to linguists interested in studying a large corpus of specialist news, or computer scientists interested in techniques for digitising large volumes of printed documents.

FT journalists and developers will be participating in a British Library hackathon on November 16 to explore how these datasets can be used.



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