Hidden Reason Why the First World War Matters Today

5 12 2015

I’m a big fan of the entrepreneurship research of David Ahlstrom and I follow his publications on Google Scholar. However, I didn’t know until today about this great article he published last year.

Ahlstrom, David. “Hidden Reason Why the First World War Matters Today: The Development and Spread of Modern Management, The.” Brown Jourla World Affair 21 (2014): 201.


The extreme, almost unprecedented demands of the First World War pushed management practitioners, firms, and governments to aggressively collaborate to introduce scientific management and related techniques to industry. While the economic growth and improved living standards that followed in the 20th century were due in part to the introduction of new technologies such as improved transportation, communication, power generation, and other key innovations, also essential was the refinement and wider diffusion of modern management techniques in terms of production, marketing, organization structure and human resources — innovations that in part came out of (or were significantly refined in) the First World War.

Read the full paper here.



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