Business History at the Canadian Historical Association

6 04 2016

Canadian business history is definitely making a come-back and we can see evidence of this is a variety of different academic organizations and disciplines. Signs of renewed interest in business history will certainly be in evidence at the 2016 meeting of the Canadian Historical Association in Calgary. Here are some of the relevant panels.

Management, Marketing, Trade, and Debt: Stories from Canadian Business History | La gestion, le marketing, le commerce et la dette : récits de l’histoire des affaires canadiennes

Chair|Animateur : Chris Kobrak (University of Toronto)

Anne Pezet (HEC Montréal): La constitution des pratiques de management au Québec de la Grande dépression aux années 1960 : étude de la diffusion des dispositifs de management au travers du journal Les Affaires

Felicity Barnes (University of Auckland): Britain’s Farms: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and campaigns for the British commodity market, 1922-1939

Ashley Campbell Johnson (Binghamton University): A Transnational Automobile Industry: Changing the Story of Free Trade on the U.S.-Canadian Border Before World War II

Daniel Simeone (McGill University): Imprisonment for Debt, Commercial Trust, and Rootedness: The Over-Imprisonment of Jewish and foreign-born debtors in Nineteenth Century Montreal

106. Canada’s History of Capitalism: New Directions and New Narratives |
L’histoire canadienne du capitalisme : nouvelles orientations et nouvelles narrations
Chair|Animateur : Dimitry Anastakis (Trent University)

Participants :
Donica Belisle (University of Regina)
Kurt Korneski (Memorial University)
Don Nerbas (Cape Breton University)
Jason Russell (Empire State College)
Daniel Simeone (McGill University)

This is great stuff. Very encouraging to me.

P.S. I really admire the innovative teaching of Anne Pezet, who has created the coolest business history course ever at HEC.




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