CFP: The History of Business and War

26 05 2016

The History of Business and War
Scandinavian Economic History Review – Special Issue Call For Papers
Deadline: 30 November 2016
Since the beginning of time, business has been involved in warfare and in preparation for war. This includes manufacturing or trade in armaments and munitions, foodstuffs, clothing or other provisions, logistical services, or the financing of warfare.

In the 20th century, the role of business in war – including the Cold War – expanded to new fields not usually associated with the defence industry. This included participation in various planning and information committees, preparations for evacuations and relocation, or the organisation of refugee camps.

This Special Issue of the Scandinavian Economic History Review is designed to cover topics in any time or region related to the participation of companies in war/defence efforts or in preparation for war and to the dimensions of war economics.

Among others, possible topics to be addressed in this special issue might be:

· Armaments manufacturing
· Arms trade
· Financing the armaments industry
· Direct and indirect effects of war (and the Cold War) on business opportunities and trading systems
· The emergence and growth of military industrial complexes
· Effects of neutrality on business
· The role of business in preparations for blockades (storage of raw materials, dual use factories etc.)
· Preparations by civilian industries for war production
· Corporate participation in government planning and war administration
· Corporate involvement in intelligence

Contributions may also aim to bridge the gap between military history, political history and business and economic history. Contributions are welcome on any industry or country.


Articles should be based on original research and/or innovative analysis and should not be under consideration for publication by any other journal. Submissions should clearly indicate that they are intended for this Special Issue of the Scandinavian Economic History Review on The History of Business and War. The responsibility for English copy-editing rests with the individual article contributors. Submissions with maximum 9,000 words should be sent through the journal’s online submission system.
Submissions to this special issue should arrive not later than 30 November 2016.
All articles will be peer reviewed and therefore some may not be accepted. Authors should ensure that their manuscripts comply fully with the formatting standards of the Scandinavian Economic History Review.
Editorial information

· Guest Editor: Erik Lakomaa, Stockholm School of Economics



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