Business History at the European Academy of Management Conference

1 06 2016



EURAM, the leading business-school conference in Europe, is currently taking place in Paris. For the first time, it will include a symposium on business history and the uses of history in management education. Matthias Kipping of Canada’s York University is spearheading this great initiative.

Making history matter for management students – Thursday 2 June, 16:30- 18:00, IAE Building,
Amphi B – (Sponsored by the General Conference)
Do you believe that history matters? That the renewed interest in history among management scholars should also find its way into the classroom? And that history might help students to become more rounded, long-term oriented managers? This symposium presents examples of the innovative ways in which history is being imparted at three business schools. We will then invite the audience to share their experiences and discuss how to make history attractive to management students and how to overcome possible roadblocks in the (re-)integration of history into management education.




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