EURAM Track of Interest to Historians of Corporate Governance

13 12 2016
AS: Historians of corporate governance may be interested in this call for papers for a track at the 2017 EURAM conference (Glasgow).
Rethinking the Form, Governance & Legal Constitution of Corporations. Theoretical Issues & Social Stakes
SIG 01: Business for Society (B4S) & SIG 02: Corporate Governance (CoGo) (co-sponsorship)
Convenors: Blanche Segrestin, Kenneth Starkey, Jeroen Veldman
In the field of management research, there is a growing awareness of both the need and the opportunities to rethink business corporations in line with social and sustainability issues. Management scholars increasingly question the capacity of business companies, within existing laws and governance standards, to take into account the interests of their stakeholders and to contribute to the general welfare. Simultaneously, they explore how new business forms (e.g. hybrid organizations, shareholder engagement, purpose-driven companies) can pave the way for a renewal of corporate (governance) models. This track will encourage research work that examines our current theories of the corporation, extends our knowledge on alternative and emergent forms of business companies, and suggests new foundations for governance for the public interest.
Feel free to direct any questions to the conveyors:
Blanche Segrestin, Ecole des Mines, France,
Kenneth Starkey, Nottingham University, UK,
Jeroen Veldman, Cass business School, UK,



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