A Festschrift for Leslie Hannah: Workshop for a special issue of Business History

24 01 2017

A Festschrift for Leslie Hannah: Workshop for a special issue of Business History


March 10th –11th 2017


This workshop will present and discuss contributions to a special issue of Business History that will be a festschrift to honour the career of Professor Leslie Hannah. The sessions will be in Room G15, Henley Business School (central Reading campus). Attendance is free, though attendees are required to register before 6th March 2017 here. The web-link also provides further details on the conference events, venues, etc.


We gratefully acknowledge financial support for this event from the Economic History Society Initiatives and Conferences Fund, and from Henley Business School.



Friday March 10th


1.00 pm (tea and coffee available in conference venue).


1.30 Introduction by the editors


2.00-3.00 Competition and the shaping of technological expectations for the power

source of the motor car 1895-1904, James Foreman-Peck, Cardiff Business School


3.00-3.20 (coffee break)


3.20-4.20 Contractual Flexibility within the Common Law:  The Legal Regulation of

Corporations in Britain versus the United States,  Ron Harris, Tel Aviv University,

and Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Yale University and NBER


4.20-5.20 The Concept of the Corporation, John Kay, St. John’s College, Oxford


5.20-5.45 General discussion


6.00-7.30 Woolworths Archive launch event, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading


7.45 Dinner (Reading town centre)


Saturday March 11th


9-10 am Hannah on Hollywood History, Daniel Raff, The Wharton School and NBER


10-11 am Diversification in the UK pre 1914:Evidence from individual investor

portfolios, Janette Rutterford, Open University Business School and Dimitris

  1. Sotiropoulos, Open University Business School


11.00 – 11.20 Coffee Break


11.20-12.20 Reforming the structure of direct taxation: the political and administrative

response to the Meade Report (1978), Martin Chick, University of Edinburgh


12.20 – 1.30 LUNCH


1.30-2.30 Rationalisation and amalgamation in the corporate economy: The Industrial

Reorganisation Corporation and the rationalisation of British electrical and

telecommunications equipment manufacturing Roy Edwards, Southampton

Business School, and Anthony Gandy, London Institute of Banking and Finance


2.30-2.45 Coffee Break


2.45 – 4.00 pm Discussion of the editor’s introduction to the special issue and the paper on Taxes and Industrial Structure by Peter Temin, MIT


4.00 pm Workshop ends



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