Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

1 02 2017

Readers who work in business schools will likely be aware that the (American) Academy of Management is in something of a crisis because of Trump’s famous travel restrictions. I see from social media that many non-US academics, including some big names with tonnes of citations in Google Scholar, have announced their intention to boycott the 2017 meeting in Atlanta.

In this context, I was interested/amused to see how a Canadian organization of business school professors has been trying to leverage the situation to attract people to its own, less-prestigious conference. I am reposting an email I got a few minutes ago with the key sentence in bold.


The International Business (IB) division of the of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) invites you to submit a contribution for its 45th annual conference held by HEC Montreal on May 29 – June 1, 2017
The conference theme: “Digital Economies and Cities” highlights the growing importance of technology and information exchanges between community stakeholders including governments, enterprises, and citizens. ASAC’s IB division welcomes submissions on this theme or on any other topic relevant to the division.
The submission deadline is 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time on February 17, 2017.
Confirmed Division Speakers includes Professor Henry Mintzberg ( 
Montréal’s 375th anniversary presents an excellent opportunity to create a unique atmosphere for the 2017 ASAC Conference. Montréal is a fascinating city, a bold and complex mix of contrasts built on a legacy of heritage and culture with a European flair. Montréal is a cultural metropolis with over 20 classic museums, many theatres and countless performance halls to suit every taste, from fine arts to history to humor and sport enthusiasts. 
2017 also sees Canada celebrate its 150th anniversary. There are many celebrations and festivities across the country including free admission to Parks Canada throughout 2017. Canada is also named the Best Travel Destination for 2017 by Lonely Planet. On top of this, Canada is multicultural society and believes “diversity is Canada’s strength”. #WelcomeToCanada
For the complete CfP for all divisions, please refer to
If you have any question regarding to the CfP, please feel free to contact any of the IB Division officers:
Editor:             Sophie Veilleux (  Université Laval (Canada)
Coordinator:   Gui Azevedo ( Audencia Business School (France)           
Chair:              Pao T. Kao ( Uppsala University (Sweden) )



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