Come Do a PhD With Me!

21 02 2017


AS: Are you interested in doing a PhD that lies at the intersection of history, management, and computer science? Interested in being embedded in a huge bank where you will access to first-class  data you can use for your PhD research?  Do you think that digital humanities can help banks and other big corporations to achieve their goals? Want to have an academic career in a hot field? Then this opportunity is for you!

I can’t guarantee that doing a PhD with us will result in a top-flight academic career. Doing a PhD at the University of Liverpool isn’t the same as doing a PhD at Stanford or the Harvard Business School. What I can promise you is that if you exert yourself, I  will work jolly hard to launch you into a career as a researcher. My colleagues will provide you with first-rate training  in the skills you need to do well in this field. We will also help you to get your papers into the top global conferences in this field and will teach you how to give a presentation that will blow the socks off of an international audience of academics. Lastly, we will teach you how to write articles that will get published in good journals via co-authorship and intensive one-on-one mentorship.

Anyway, here are the details of the project you will be working on if you accept this funded PhD offer.

Accounts with Interest’ – Networking Historical Customer Records

Closing date for applications: 21 April 2017

The University of Liverpool and Barclays Group Archives (BGA) invite invitations from suitably qualified candidates for a fully-funded AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award PhD studentship investigating the accessibility of Barclays’ historical customer records.

The successful candidate will enjoy privileged opportunities to work  as a member of the professional team responsible for Barclays Group Archives in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester exploring the possibilities for exploiting customer and other nominal banking data within the information technology environment available to BGA and investigating how such a local development might be exploited in the context of the wider banking archive sector.

‘Accounts with Interest’ is conceived as a genuinely interdisciplinary project within the digital humanities; we are keen to attract suitably-qualified candidates from any area  who can demonstrate their potential to carry out a research project designed to enable digital access to the nominal and related information held in archival records.

You can download further details of the AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award Studentship 2017 (pdf).

Alternatively email Dr Margaret Procter, senior lecturer, Record and Archive Studies or Dr Andrew Smith, senior lecturer in International Business.

Interviews will be held in Liverpool in May 2017.

Tuition fees + £14,553 (RCUK rates) + £1,000 p.a. (towards research costs) from Barclays.



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