Special Issue: Indian Business in the Global World

6 03 2017

Business History 

Indian business history remains a largely unexplored area of research for a European and North American academic audience. Hitherto Indian business history has largely been addressed within a dichotomy of its relationship to the rise of the domestic economic industrialization or alternatively within a context of subordination to, and exploitation by, western multinationals. Thus the relationship between indigenous development and Indian firms’ integration and growth within a wider world economy has been paid little attention.

This call for a special edition of Business History on Indian Business in the Global World seeks to place the development of Indian business in its wider relationships to both the Indian domestic economy and the world economy.

Papers which explore the 20th century and the transition to independence in 1947, with its influence on the dynamics of Indian business would be welcome. Many of the fundamental elements of Indian business development had matured prior to 1947 but gained additional recognition following independence. The development of the agency model of business organization for diversified firms, labour processes, industrial conflict and social stratification are just some of these themes. An examination of the continuing importance of these developments post-independence would thus also be welcome submissions.

We would also welcome papers which explore Indian business within a wider context of exchanging and transferring knowledge, know-how and competences within the wider world economy, the nexus of contracts and relationships in which goods, technologies and know-how are the focus of study rather than national borders. Focus could be at the level of practice, firm, sector or government. We encourage a cross-disciplinary approach to investigating these issues and would welcome papers drawing on international business, management and economics concepts.

Submission instructions

Articles should be based on original research and/or innovative analysis and should not be under consideration by another journal. All articles should be submitted by 31 March 2017 via ScholarOne using the URL link listed below, clearly indicating in the dropdown list that they are for the Special Issue on Indian Business in the Global World. All the articles will be peer reviewed and, therefore, some may be rejected. Authors should ensure that their manuscripts fully comply with the formatting regulations of Business History.


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6 03 2017

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6 03 2017

Anyone interested in being part of an authors’ workshop on this topic in April should please contact me. We have some a little bit of money to run it.

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