My Papers at EGOS 2017

3 07 2017

In a few days, I will be heading to the EGOS 2017 conference in Copenhagen, where I’ll be presenting  a co-authored paper to Sub-theme 43: Theorizing the Past, Present and Future in Organization Theory.


Session V: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, FG 2C3 (2nd floor) Chair: Mar Perezts



Andrew Smith and Daniel Simeone

Resisting colonialism: Indigenous social activists challenge the rhetorical history strategy of a Canadian conglomerate




Michael Conger and Stephen Lippmann

Uses of the past in a new market category: The case of micro-distilling in the U.S.



Pasi Ahonen

Organisational death and remembering: Newspapers as mediators of organizational memory and makers of mnemonic communities




I have two other co-authored papers on the programme.



One will be presented to sub-theme 20: Financialization and its Societal Implications: Rethinking Corporate Governance and Shareholders.



Session I: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, FG 1B11 (1st floor) History of Corporate Governance

Chair: Jeroen Veldman




Andrew Smith, Jason Russell and Kevin D. Tennent

Berle and Means’ ‘The Modern Corporation and Private Property’: The military roots of a stakeholder model of corporate governance

Discussant(s): Donncha Kavanagh, Martin Brigham and Nicholas Burton



Donncha Kavanagh, Martin Brigham and Nicholas Burton

Changing the rules of the game: recasting the legal and ethical foundation of business and management

Discussant(s): Kevin D. Tennent, Andrew Smith and Jason Russell





My third EGOS paper will be presented to sub-theme 44: Rethinking Management and Management History.



Session II: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, FG 2C5 (2nd floor) Business and Entrepreneurship History Chair: Michael Rowlinson



Ida Jørgensen

Business history as cultural history: A complimentary view

Presenter(s): Albert J. Mills / Amy Thurlow / Jean Helms Mills



Ellen Mølgaard Korsager , Andrew Smith, Talia Pfefferman and Zoi Pittaki

A Conceptual History of “The Entrepreneur” in Four Languages

Presenter(s): Eve Lamendour


Christina Lubinski and R. Daniel Wadhwani

New entrepreneurial history and international entrepreneurship: Exploring the intersections

Presenter(s): Patricia McLaren






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