Online Survey of Business Archivists

15 12 2017
Are you an archivist who works within a company? If so, read on!
Last week, my co-author Dr Wim van Lent of Montpellier Business School presented our paper at the International Council of Archives-Section on Business Archives workshop in Mumbai (see here). Our research is on the performance effects of using a corporate archive. In other words, we are trying to learn more about the various ways corporate archives contribute to the bottom lines of the firms that own them.  We see a lot of potential for expanding on this research, and with your help we will be able to take the first steps in that direction!

If you can take a few minutes of your time, please follow the link below and complete Wim’s online survey:

This survey is for business archivist anywhere in the world! We are interested in hearing from archivists who work in a wide variety of companies– big companies, little companies, SOEs, family firms, etc.





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