My Panel at BHC 2018: Adventures in Financial Archives

26 01 2018

AS. I’m sharing the details of my panel at the 2018 Business History Conference. The presentation draws on my current papers on open data, research transparency, and their implications for business history and for historically-minded financial institutions. I’m looking forward to re-connecting with corporate archivists I know and meeting new professionals in the field.
Presenter and Moderator: Andrew D. Smith, University of Liverpool
Open Data and Business History: Promises and Pitfalls


Niels Viggo Haueter, Head of Corporate History, Swiss Re
Elisa Liberatori Prati, World Bank Group Chief Archivist
Kerri Ann Burke, Citibank Archives
Anne DiFabio and Brigette Kamsler, HSBC Archives


P.S. My native Canada will be well-represented at the BHC this year. In addition to a PDW sponsored by the Canadian Business History Association, there will be the following  papers on the programmer that are Canadian by either subject or author.  There of the papers are from Queen’s University, my undergraduate alma mater, an institution one would not traditionally have associated with business history.

Jeffrey D. Brison, Queen’s University
The Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, and the Political Economy of Canadian Culture

Rosanne Currarino, Queen’s University
New Thinking about Markets in the Gilded Age

Taylor Alexandra Currie, Queen’s University
“I sure don’t like this Socialism stuff”: Du Pont’s HOBSO Program and the American Way at Mid-Century







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