My Panels at the European Business History Conference, 2018

28 07 2018

The 22nd Annual Congress of the European Business History Association will take place in Ancona 6-8 September 2018. I have papers on two panels.

Session F1: Paper Development Workshop (PDW): Historic Corporate Responsibility.
Chair: Christian Stutz
Judith Schrempf-Stirling (Geneva School of Economics and Management, University of Geneva), Christian Stutz (University of Jyväskylä, University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich)

The aim of this PDW is to workshop potential submissions to a special issue of Journal of Business Ethics with two of the issue’s guest editors.

Setup: 10-minute presentation and 30-minute discussion

Erica Salvaj (Universidad del Desarrollo), Valeria Giacomin (Copenhagen Business School) Reputation and Grand Challenges: CSR investment in Education in Emerging Markets
Andrew Smith (University of Liverpool Management School), Jennifer Johns (University of Bristol) The Moral Dimensions of the Emergence and Decline of a Market Category: the Case of Free-Labour Sugar

Anders Ravn Sørensen (Copenhagen Business School) CSR at the Museum: Industry identity politics and the invention of national relevance at the Danish Maritime Museum


Session F5: Concepts in Business History

Chair: Nuria Puig
Neveen Abdelrehim (Newcastle Univeristy Business School), Andrew Smith (University Of Liverpool Management School), Steve Toms (Leeds University Business School)
Seeing the Moat: Why Accountants Need to Recognize the Value of Corporate Archives

Etsuo Abe (Meiji University)
Is New Methodology in Business History Useful?: The Contrast between The Chandlerian Model and Views by Scranton and Fridenson
Juha-Antti Lamberg (University of Jyvaskyla), Jari Ojala (University of Jyvaskyla)

Strategy in Business History: Review and Future Prospects
Daniel Raff (The Wharton School, NBER)
Business History Among the Social Sciences






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