Information Ecosystems

26 11 2018

Looks like a great conference.

Organizational History Network

24th Colloquium in the
History of Management and Organizations

March 27th-29th
2019 in Nice

[Conference Website]

Organised by the
French Association for the History of Management and Organizations (AHMO) and Université
Côte d’Azur – EDHEC Business School, GREDEG (UMR 7321) and MSHS Sud-Est (USR

«Like pipes
in a wall crucial to having running water in a home, the informational infrastructure was nearly invisible. Use of information proved so routine, indeed mundane, that like using a faucet or bathroom
fixtures, people did not think about it, because it was always present. It is information’s pervasive, embedded nature that perhaps accounts for why we […] have not paid
much attention to it. But now we should, because as happens, once a phenomenon
is named or is made obvious, it becomes easier to optimize its use. »[1]

In his book on the history…

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