Entrepreneurship and History

16 07 2019

I’m going to be taking part in a PDW on entrepreneurship and history at this year’s Academy of Management conference. The workshop will be held on Friday, August 9 from 12-2 PM at the Boston Marriott Copley Place. Here is a link to the program with the details of the PDW.

I may be arriving a little bit late because I’m also taking part in a workshop on family business history that goes until 12:45 in an adjoining room of the hotel (see details here).

12:00 PM Introduction, Trevor Israelsen  
12:05 PM Historical methods and entrepreneurship research

   Daniel Raff, Historical explanation, causality, and firm- and

history emergence

   David Kirsch, Identifying research questions in

entrepreneurship that history can answer

   R. Daniel Wadhwani, The design of historical research

Question 1

What constitutes rigorous historical research in the context of entrepreneurship?

12:20 PM Audience questions to expert panel on historical methods  
12:35 PM The role of history in entrepreneurial processes

Rob Mitchell, Entrepreneurial processes and the role of the past

   Andrew Smith, Historical-analogic reasoning: The

impress of the past on entrepreneurial cognition

Ricardo Zózimo, The constitutive role of history in entrepreneurial


   Christina Lubinski, History and the uses and value of technological


Question 2

What is the relationship between history and ongoing entrepreneurial processes?

1:05 PM Audience questions to expert panel on entrepreneurial processes  
1:20 PM Roundtable discussions with experts

Introductions in small groups around tables

Research questions activity

Sharing and refining research questions and ideas to address

these two core questions


What research questions and ideas can address these two core questions?

1:55-2 PM Conclusion, Trevor Israelsen  



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