Immigration and Freedom

24 06 2020






It is well understood that restrictive immigration policies constrain the freedom of migrants who want to move from poorer countries to richer ones. Alex Tabarrok has recently been an eloquent advocate of open immigrationand critic of the worldwide move to immigration restrictions.  The Singapore-based academic Chandran Kukathas argues that such anti-immigrant policies also constitute unacceptable restrictions on the freedom of people already living in wealthy countries. He makes this argument in a forthcoming Princeton University Press book and in an IEA academic webinar that took place today


Concerns about immigration usually stem from a fear that immigration threatens to undermine the institutions and values of a liberal democratic society. Less often considered is the impact of immigration control on those same values and institutions. This presentation looks at the other side of the ledger. It also considers the implications of episodes like pandemics to this issue. 

See more details here.




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