Cass is No Longer

7 07 2020
Cass Business School, which is located in London’s financial district, has decided to rename itself as it has some to light that Sir John Cass was a slave trader. (The business school acquired its current name in 2001 after it received a substantial donation from the Sir John Cass Foundation, which was originally established to educate the children of London’s poor). The Cass Foundation is now investigating whether it is allowed to remove the name of its founding donor.           
The timing of this move is a happy coincidence, as it allows that business school to name itself after a new donor at a point when money is tight. Let’s hope they do their due diligence this time round. Personally, I think it would be great if they named the business school after a donor who is an immigrant entrepreneur, which is what Manchester Business School did when it acquired the name Alliance Manchester Business School after a donation from Lord Alliance.



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