Business History Collective

25 02 2021

The pandemic saw the suspension of the F2F conferences at which business historians normally showcase their work (ABH, EBHA, BHC, etc). A group of business historians stepped in and created an online webinar series. Many of the webinars have been placed on the Business History Collective YouTube channel. The webinars saw the presentation of papers that were very diverse in terms of theory applied, disciplinary orientation of the speaker, methodology, and historical period covered. Here are some of representative examples of the videos on the channel.

David Chan Smith (Laurier University), “How to Start an Early Modern Tax Haven: Smuggling, Fraud and Global Business in Eighteenth-century Britain”

Roundtable: Slavery and Business History

Tom Buckley (University of Sheffield), “Paths Taken: The Strategic Trajectories of Retail Org in the USA and the UK, 1950-1980”



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