Call for Co-Panellists: International Business History at BAM

17 12 2012

The 2013 British Academy of Management (BAM) conference will be held at the University of Liverpool 10-12 September 2012.  There is a Management and Business History Track at the conference that offers the chance for historians to present their research to scholars based in business school disciplines. 

I would be interested in putting together a panel on international business history. In particular, I would be interested in presenting alongside business historians whose research challenges or qualifies the rational-actor model of behaviour by bringing culture and group altruism into our accounts of how international business operates.  Of course, any paper on the history of international business would be welcome. 

My own paper will be called “Liberal Anti-Communism and Human Resources Management  in the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in the 1960s”.


The deadline for proposals is 26 February 2013.  Proposals for full papers (6-8,000 words), Developmental papers (1-2,000 words) and Workshop events are all welcome.