Claire Campbell in Copenhagen, Continued

14 12 2009

Prof. Claire Campbell

Canadian historian Claire Campbell continues to live blog from the Copenhagen climate conference:

“So initially I actually felt guilty for being at Bright Green, which is essentially an industrial trade show, because it felt – well, opportunistic. A case in point: one speaker pointed out that for the global South, sustainability is not a luxury; sustainable practices are “the path to affluence.” Great, I thought. Then he added, “And there’s a lot of money to be made there.” And I winced.”

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Review of Buckner, Canada and the British Empire

17 09 2009

My (favourable) review of  Philip Buckner, Canada and the British Empire (Oxford University Press, 2008) has been published in the Canadian Historical Review vol. 90, issue 3 (September 2009): 539-40. See here.

Canadian Historian in the News

7 09 2009

University of Saskatchewan historian Bill Waiser is quoted in a Canadian Press story about the recent conversion of two municipalities in Saskatchewan from town to city status. Professor Waiser discusses the growth of these communities in light of Saskatchewan’s recent strong economic performance.  Waiser remarks that “There’s a great significance to yet another city in Saskatchewan because in the national consciousness, Saskatchewan is a place that time forgot – of rural roads, country elevators, wheat fields.” Waiser points out that today’s Saskatchewan is essentially urban and has a dynamic economy.

Waiser is the author of Saskatchewan: A New History.