The 150!Canada Conference

19 10 2009

Older readers will remember the 1967 celebrations of the centennial of Confederation. Indeed, some of you may have gone to Expo 67 in Montreal. The planning for the 150th anniversary of Confederation is already underway.

“On March 11-12, 2010, IPAC and MASS LBP will convene a major conference at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa that will bring together senior public servants from all levels of government, business leaders and representatives of leading NGOs to discuss preparations for Canada’s sesquicentennial year.

The conference will review the success and lessons of the 1967 and 1992 celebrations, learn from recent national celebrations in other countries. Presentations by Canadian luminaries and leaders will help spark our imagination as the delegates work to establish a national framework for sesquicentennial preparations and design.

The program will combine keynotes, presentations and panels with a second full day of creative and planning workshops.”

More details here. I hope that the organizers include professional historians and historical societies such as the Canadian Historical Association and the Institut d’histoire de l’Amérique française, in the planning process. In particulary, I hope that they invite historian Christopher Moore, who has recently been blogging about the Quebec Conference, to take a leading role.

Christopher Moore Live Blogs Confederation

8 10 2009

From Christopher Moore’s Canadian History blog: “Given the response to the live-blogging of the siege of Quebec, I think we will liveblog the Quebec conference of 1864 next. Starting tomorrow, we will remove to Monday, October 10, 1864 and see how we get along. ” See here.

Dominion Institute Shuts Its Doors

13 09 2009

The Dominion Institute, the Canadian heritage charity, is merging with the Historica Foundation. Christopher Moore discusses the reasons for the merger on his blog.

Christopher Moore

30 05 2009

Toronto-based historian Christopher Moore has posted comments on his blog about my blog. They are quite positive.

I will publish my impressions of this year’s CHA shortly.