New Ways of Teaching Canadian History

12 03 2010 has published a piece by Steven Maynard of Queen’s University on how he uses the ideas of Michel Foucault in teaching his first-year students Canadian history. “What does a queer, sadomasochistic philosopher have to do with the study of Canada’s past?” To find out, read his post.  Maynard relates how he applied Foucault’s concepts to his lecture on Canada and the First World War. The thing that caught my eye in his piece was that his students organized a Facebook group. I use Facebook in my teaching to communicated information about upcoming lectures, etc, to my students. For instance, I notify my students whenever the PowerPoint Presentation for an upcoming lecture is ready for downloading on our intranet.

While I am on the subject of digital history, I should point out Krista McCracken‘s ActiveHistory piece on the pitfalls of digital memory.