Historical Images of Canadian Business Enterprise

8 02 2011

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Below, you will find some great images related to Canadian business and economic history from the McCord Museum. Over the next few days, I will post additional images from the McCord’s wonderful collection.

Photograph | Power canal and pulp mill, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, about 1915 | MP-1975.33.2.6

Photograph | Employees of the Grand Trunk Railway, Montreal, QC, 1859-60 | N-1975.32.4

Photograph | Anson McKim's office, Montreal, QC, 1903 | II-145305

Photograph | Electric snowplough, Montreal, QC, about 1895 | VIEW-2815

Photograph, glass lantern slide | Paper ready for export, about 1927 | MP-0000.25.902

Photograph | Automobile exhibition, Montreal, QC, about 1914 | MP-0000.587.56

Photograph | Electric trams, Ste. Catherine St., Montreal, QC, 1895 | II-111371

Photograph | Interior, Montreal Stock Exchange, Montreal, QC, 1903 | VIEW-1904

Print | Temporary locomotive, workmen's houses and workshops | M15934.46

Painting | Lachine Canal, Lachine, QC | M984.273

McCord Museum Video on Confederation

6 10 2009

McGill University historian Brian Young was the historical consultant for this video. The video does a good job of explaining the causes and results of Confederation.