Overly Honest Syllabi

22 08 2013

Profs in North American universities are currently finalizing their syllabi (i.e., the documents students are given on the first day of class that last the weekly readings, assignment due dates, etc).  Given that so many people are currently working on syllabi, it’s not surprising that #overlyhonestsyllabi was trending on Twitter last night. Some very smart academics were thinking up of funny things they would never dare to put in an actual syllabus.

Here are my favourites:

@dandrezner: If you ask a question that’s plainly answered in the syllabus, I’ll remember you and not in a good way. #overlyhonestsyllabi

@kesearles: You don’t know how many grandmothers my class has killed #overlyhonestsyllabi

@dandrezner: The first assignment has no pedagogical value other than a grade so you stop asking me “how am I doing?” #overlyhonestsyllabi

@lesliemb: I have a sixth sense for plagiarism. Go ahead, try me. #overlyhonestsyllabi

@FitAcademic: Emails will be answered within 48 hrs because that’s how long it takes to bury the snark #overlyhonestsyllabi

This tweet will be especially popular with academics at big R1 institutions where GTAs do most of the marking:

@smsaideman: The number/length of writing assignments depends on how vigilant the teaching assistant union is #overlyhonestsyllabi

In my view, the top tweet of the evening was:

“Before you take this class lightly, know my obsession with the subject matter has ruined two of my marriages. #overlyhonestsyllabi