Benjamin’s Review of Leeson’s _Invisible Hook_

5 10 2009

E.H. Net has published Daniel Benjamin’s review of Peter T. Leeson, The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2009). For those interested in the golden age of piracy that followed the War of the Spanish Succession, this book is a must read. Moreover, the book is also topical because of the issue of Somali piracy. (see here).

My favourite sentence in the review is: “so perceptive were they on matters of governance that pirates might well be thought of as intellectual predecessors of the American Founding Fathers.”

You can watch the trailer for Leeson’s book here. The trailer is a bit corny, although it is perhaps unfair to expect academic presses to produce trailers as good as those for Hollywood films.

Trailer for Academic Book

17 06 2009

The major academic presses in the US are using video to market books. Take a look at the rather creative trailer for  The Invisible Hook:
The Hidden Economics of Pirates
by Peter T. Leeson (Princeton University Press, 2009)  $24.95 / £14.95.