Phil Scranton on the Bonus Army

1 06 2012

Professor Phil Scranton has been publishing a series of posts on Bloomberg’s Echoes blog, which is devoted to exploring the parallels between the early 1930s and the economic crisis we face today. His most recent post is on the Bonus Army, WWI veterans who marched on Washington in 1932 to demand payment for their prior services and who were brutally beaten by the Army. ┬áThe photo above shows a confrontation between veterans who had erected a Hooverville near the White House and the police officers who were trying to tear it down.

I’ve really enjoyed the Echoes blog. The posts by historians there are applied history at its finest. They have been read and discussed by vast numbers of non-historians. However, I’m a bit concerned that Bloomberg may end the blog once the recovery gets fully into gear. I hope that this doesn’t happen.