Historians Who Have Used R.G. Dun’s Canadian Credit Ledgers

20 04 2011

Stan Shapiro, a reader of this blog, noted that I was doing some research about R.G. Dun’s Canadian operations. He recently emailed me the following reference to an article on R.G. Dun.

Carla Wheaton, “The Trade in this Place is in a Very Critical State” R.G. Dun & Company and the St. John’s Business Community, 1855-1874”, Acadiensis, (2000) Vol. 29 No. 2, pp. 120-137.

As Stan points out, “The focus is on what, despite their many limitations, the R.G. Dun credit ledgers of the time can reveal”.

Other historians of Canada have used the R.G. Dun credit ledgers. They include:

Michael Katz, “The Entrepreneurial Class in a Canadian City: The Mid-Nineteenth Century”, Journal of Social History, 8 (1975).

D.A. Muise, “The Dun and Bradstreet Collection: A Report”, Urban History Review, 3-75 (1976).

Gerald Tulchinsky, “‘Said to be a very honest Jew’: The R.G. Dun Credit Reports and Jewish Business Activity”, Urban History Review, 18 (1990).
The Dun credit reports were also used by Henry C. Klassen to reconstruct the business landscape of early Alberta. Klassen was the author of Eye on the Future: Business People in Calgary and the Bow Valley, 1870-1900. Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2002.