Locating Ourselves Historically: Why We Are Not Living in Western Civilization | Mercatus

7 03 2010

In this talk, historian Stephen Davies explains why “Western Civilization” is a flawed concept. I don’t know if I’m totally convinced by his argument, but people who teach “Western Civ.” courses should consider it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.



One response

9 03 2010
Mike Green

I could not get the streaming video but I did read the clip online. The Notion that “research does not support the idea that western civilization as it was no longer exists but has perished or transformed is not a very new idea. History in itself is transformative especially since the French Revolution. However, the idea that western influence has somehow not played an important role both dark and successful in the Western Hemisphere is alarming. Perhaps the Aztecs or Incas might have something to say about that. The notion that western ideas have not altered or changed in some way North and South America is, indeed, scary. I would be interested in a link to a transcript of this so I can get a better idea. But for now I don’t buy it. I do thing that the expansion into Atlantic History and observing the 4 continents as a integral connection is a step in a good direcction.

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