My Last Winter Olympics Post

6 03 2010

In my last Olympics-related post,  I would like to share some links.

First, The Economist has an excellent piece on the Olympics. I liked this bit the best: “Two decades ago 50% of Canadian adults took part in sport of some kind. Now the figure is only 30%, and obesity rates are rising. Perhaps Canada was just renting the podium.”

On Tuesday, CBC Radio One’s The Current featured a great discussion of the significance of the Vancouver Olympics. The guests were; Ron MacLean, the host of Hockey Night in Canada on CBC Television; Margaret MacMillan is a historian and the Warden at St. Anthony’s College at Oxford University; John Ralston Saul, the Toronto-based philosopher. You can hear the whole discussion here.  

Alan MacEachern, an environmental historian at the University of Western Ontario published a piece in the Globe on the gold-medal hockey game.

I’m also sharing a clip of a discussion on TVO’s Agenda about the impact of the Olympics on Terry Gitersos, who is currently working on a PhD in sport history at the University of Western Ontario. His thesis is on NHL hockey and Quebec nationalism in the 1980s.



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