20 05 2010

THATCamp is a user-generated “unconference” on digital humanities developed by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. The London THATCamp will be hosted by the Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH) at King’s College London, and will run the 6-7th July, 2010.

THATCamp London 2010 will be held just before Digital Humanities 2010. At DH2010, the world’s premiere academic conference on the Digital Humanities, you will hear papers and see presentations and perhaps give a single talk yourself. At THATCamp, by contrast, you will discuss, build, argue, share, compare, create and hack: every session you attend will also be a session you participate in fully. Attending DH2010 might be compared to attending a series of fascinating formal lectures, whereas attending THATCamp London might be compared to attending a series of engaging relaxed seminars. We fully expect that having both conferences together will spark some exciting new ideas.

More tangible things than ideas usually come out of an unconference, however. A room will be reserved at THATCamp London for developers who are interested in pursuing the Developers’ Challenge, for instance: an unconference is the ideal place not only to meet like-minded and talented colleagues but also to work with them on a new project.

The deadline for applications has been recently extended to 1st June, but applying for THATCamp entails little more than writing an informal paragraph or two about what you’d like to discuss, build, or solve. We therefore urge you to apply now.

THATCamp is a trademark of and was originated by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

For more details, click here.



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