Elena Kagan– Commie Agent?

21 05 2010

The early life of Elena Kagan, Barack Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, has been put under the microscope by Republicans trying to find dirty linen.

Some conservatives have argued that Kagan’s undergraduate dissertation, which was on the history of the labour movement in New York City, should disqualify her from sitting on the Supreme Court.

Ronald Radosh, a retired history professor of conservative political leanings, has looked at Kagan’s thesis and concluded that the charges that it displays pro-Communist sentiments are bogus. In fact, Radosh reports that Kagan’s thesis shows that she was sympathetic to the non-Communist unions and hostile to the Communists who tried to infiltrate the labour movement. This suggests that Kagan was, at the age of 22 or so, a social democrat rather than a Communist, which isn’t surprising since she is being nominated by the Democratic president.

Radosh writes that: “As a historian who has read widely in socialist and communist history, and written about the topic myself, I found her thesis to be academically first-rate, based on a wide-ranging use of primary and secondary source material, with a thoughtful analysis and sound conclusions that derive from the evidence.”

Elena Kagan Meets Leonid Brezhnev On Top of Lenin's Tomb, Red Square, 1982.

You can read the entire thesis here, if you really want to….



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