Paul Romer on Charter Cities

14 06 2011

Check out this video in which economist Paul Romer shares his plan to help reduce poverty in the Third World through the establishment of charter cities.  His proposal is inspired, in part, by the historical experience of Hong Kong, a barren clump of rocks that became a megacity because an outside power took it over and put the right sorts of institutions in place. He was also inspired by the charters that monarchs gave to cities in the Middle Ages.

Romer’s amazing career as of 2010 is discussed here. In May 2011, Romer announced that he was leaving Stanford for N.Y.U., where he will run a new project — the Urban System Project, based at N.Y.U.’s Stern School of Business.




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30 10 2011
Byron Ventura

watch this video, and know how many questions Paul Romer can’t answer to Carlos Sabillon about the true of charters cities

30 10 2011
Byron Ventura

Dr. Sabillon obtained a doctorate in International Relations from the University of Geneva, Switzerland as well as a post-doctorate in International Economics from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany and a post-doctorate in Economic History from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He has a total of seven university degrees and obtained each one of them in half the normal amount of time. He speaks fluent English, French, German and Spanish and has published three books published three books with reputed academic companies in New York, USA. In those books Dr. Sabillon presents a new mechanism by which nations can attain fast economic growth without damaging the environment.

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