Rankings of History Journals

15 06 2011

In many disciplines, rankings of journals are common. A medical researcher who publishes in the New England Journal of Medicine will get more credit from his colleagues than one who publishes in a relatively obscure journal. For academics in systems in which there are recurring research audits, journal rankings are very important. As a blogger on the History Workshop Journal blog recently pointed out: British academic historians are now painfully familiar with the imperative to research our own impact. Our funding is to be dependent, in part, on the measurable impact of our researches…

Scientific and social scientific journals have long been ranked, as have some of the journals in which historians publish (for the rankings of economic history journals, see here). A variety of metrics for assessing journal quality have been developed. The relative merits of these competing metrics are debated. The most important of these measures is the Impact Factor, which measures how many other scholars have cited a given publication in their publications.

In 2007,  European Science Foundation began the process of ranking journals in history and other humanities. When the European Reference Index for the Humanities was first published in 2007, it was condemned by many historians as unreliable. For one thing, its ranking were so counter-intuitive as to be incredible. Some historians in the United States, where the more laissez-faire political culture does not permit government research audits, were opposed to the very idea of ranking journals. The main funding body for humanities research in the UK declared: The AHRC strongly advises against the use of the ERIH outcomes as the basis for the assessment of individual candidates for employment or funding.

The 2011 ERIH rankings of humanities journals has now been published.  I have posted the history journal rankings below. It remains to be seen how they are received by historians.

ERIH website cautions that these rankings are for “information” only, whatever that means. Sounds like ass-covering legalese to me.

I suppose the main use of this ranking table is simply as a directory of history journals.

Here is a guide to the abbreviations used below.

NATional (NAT) European publications with a recognised scholarly significance among researchers in the respective research domains in a particular (mostly linguistically circumscribed) readership group in Europe; occasionally cited outside the publishing country, though their main target group is the domestic academic community.

INTernational (INT): both European and non-European publications with an internationally recognised scholarly significance among researchers in the respective research domains, and which are regularly cited worldwide.

International journals are themselves classified into two sub-categories based on a combination of two criteria: influence and scope:

INT1 Sub-Category: international publications with high visibility and influence among researchers in the various research domains in different countries, regularly cited all over the world.

INT2 Sub-Category: international publications with significant visibility and influence in the various research domains in different countries.

Journal Title Category Category
2007 2011
(Das) Achtzehnte Jahrhundert und Österreich. Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts NAT INT2
Aarbøger for Nordisk Oldkyndighed og Historie INT2 NAT
Ab imperio None INT1
Accounting, Business & Financial History INT2 INT2
Achttiende eeuw (De) NAT NAT
Acta Comeniana: International Review of Comenius Studies and Early Modern Intellectual History NAT INT1
Acta Historica Tallinnensia NAT NAT
Acta Histriae NAT INT2
Acta Neophilologica NAT NAT
Acta Orientalia Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae NAT NAT
Acta Poloniae Historica INT2 INT1
Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Philosophica et Historica None NAT
Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Studia Territorialia. None NAT
Aegyptus. Rivista Italiana di egittologia e di papirologia INT2 INT2
Africa: Journal of the International African Institute INT2 INT2
African and Asian Studies INT2 INT2
African Economic History INT2 INT2
African Studies Review INT2 INT2
Agrartörteneti Szemle NAT NAT
Agri centuriati NAT INT2
Agricultural History INT1 INT1
Agricultural History Review INT1 INT1
Ajalooline Ajakiri. The Estonian Historical Journal NAT INT2
Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean None INT1
Al-Qantara INT2 INT1
Alte Stadt (Die): Zeitschrift für Stadtgeschichte, Stadtsoziologie u. Denkmalpflege NAT NAT
Altertum (das) INT2 INT2
Altorientalische Forschungen None INT1
American Historical Review INT1 INT1
American Journal of Ancient History INT2 INT2
American Journal of Archaeology INT1 INT1
American Journal of Legal History INT2 INT2
American Neptune (the): a Quarterly Journal of Maritime History INT2 INT2
American Quarterly INT2 INT2
Amsterdam Studies in Jewish Thought NAT NAT
Anabases. Traditions et réception de l’Antiquité None INT2
Anais de História de Além-Mar (Lisboa) INT2 INT2
Analecta Augustiana NAT NAT
Analecta Bollandiana: Revue critique d’hagiographie INT2 INT2
Analecta Cisterciensia NAT NAT
Analecta Gregoriana NAT NAT
Analecta Hibernica INT2 INT2
Analecta Praemonstratensia INT2 INT2
Analele Brăilei NAT NAT
Analele Bucovinei NAT NAT
Analele ştinnţifice de Istorie, codrul cosminului NAT NAT
Analele universitatii din Craiova.Istorie (Annals of the University of Craiova.History) None NAT
Anales de Historia Contemporánea. NAT NAT
Anali Zavoda za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Dubrovniku NAT NAT
Análise Social None INT1
Anatolian studies None INT2
Anatolica NAT NAT
Ancient History Bulletin INT2 INT2
Ancient Society INT2 INT2
Andalucía Islámica NAT NAT
Anglo-Norman Studies INT2 INT2
Anglo-Saxon England INT2 INT2
Annales Aequatoria NAT NAT
Annales de Bourgogne NAT NAT
Annales de Bretagne et des pays de l’Ouest NAT NAT
Annales de démographie historique INT2 INT2
Annales de l’Est NAT NAT
Annales de la société royale d’archéologie de Bruxelles INT2 NAT
Annales de Normandie NAT NAT
Annales du Cercle archéologique de Mons NAT NAT
Annales du Midi None INT2
Annales historiques de la Révolution française INT2 INT2
Annales Universitatis Apulensis. Serie Historica NAT NAT
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales INT1 INT1
Annales: Anali za istrske in mediteranske študije = annals for istrian and mediterranean studies, series sociologia et historia None NAT
Annali dell istituto Italiano di numismatica NAT NAT
Annali dell’instituto storico italiano per l’età moderna et contemporanea NAT NAT
Annali della Fondazione Luigi Einaudi NAT NAT
Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Classe di Lettere e Filosofia INT2 INT2
Annual of the British School at Athens INT2 INT1
Antike und Abendland INT2 INT2
Antiquaries Journal (The) NAT NAT
Antiquité Tardive – Late Antiquity – Spätantike – Tarda Antichità. Revue Internationale d’Histoire et d’Archéologie (IVe-VIIIe siècle) INT2 INT2
Antiquités Africaines INT2 INT2
Antonianum NAT NAT
Anuario de Estudios Americanos INT2 INT2
Anuario de estudios atlánticos NAT NAT
Anuario de Historia del Derecho Español (Madrid) NAT NAT
Anuario de Estudios Medievales INT2 INT2
Anuarul de istorie orală NAT NAT
Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft INT2 INT2
Aportes. Revista de Historia Contemporánea (Madrid, Ed. Actas) INT2 INT2
Apulum. Acta musei apulensis NAT NAT
Arabica: Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies INT2 INT2
Aragón en la Edad Media NAT NAT
Arbeiderhistorie INT2 NAT
Arbetarhistoria None NAT
Archeion None NAT
Archeion Pontou NAT NAT
Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte INT2 INT2
Archiv für Kulturgeschichte INT2 INT2
Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete INT2 INT2
Archiv für Diplomatik, Schriftgeschichte, Siegel- und Wappenkunde INT2 INT2
Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte INT1 INT1
Archiv für Sozialgeschichte INT1 INT1
Archiv und Wirtschaft. Zeitschrift fuer das Archivwesen der Wirtschaft NAT NAT
Archival Science None INT2
Archivar (Der) NAT NAT
Archives INT2 INT2
Archives d’histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Age INT2 INT2
Archives de sciences sociales des religions NAT NAT
Archivio storico italiano INT1 INT1
Archivium Hibernicum INT2 INT2
Archivní časopis None NAT
Archivo Ibero-Americano: revista trimestrál de estudios históricos NAT NAT
Archivum Eurasiae medii aevi NAT NAT
Archivum Franciscanum historicum NAT NAT
Archivum Fratrum praedicatorum NAT NAT
Archivum historiae pontificae INT2 INT2
Archivum historicum Societatis Iesu NAT NAT
Archivum Latinitatis Medii Aevi: Bulletin du Cange INT1 INT1
Arethusa INT2 INT2
Arhivele Olteniei NAT NAT
Arhivele Totalitarismului NAT NAT
Arhivski vjesnik NAT NAT
Ariadne – Forum für Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte None INT2
Arkif för nordisk filologi NAT NAT
Arms and Armour None INT2
Asien, Afrika, Lateinamerika NAT NAT
Atlantic Studies: Literary, Cultural and Historical Perspectives None INT2
Aufklärung. Interdisziplinäre Halbjahreschrift zur Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts und seiner Wirkungsgeschichte NAT NAT
Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte None INT2
Australian Economic History Review. An Asia-Pacific Journal of Economic, Business and Social History INT2 INT2
Australian Historical Studies INT2 INT2
Austrian History Yearbook INT2 INT2
Ayer INT2 INT2
Azania INT2 INT2
Babesch: Bulletin antieke beschaving NAT NAT
Baltische Studien NAT NAT
Banatica NAT NAT
Bankhistorisches Archiv. Banking and Finance in Historical Perspective NAT NAT
Beiträge zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung NAT INT2
Belaruski histaryčny ahljad – Belarusian Historical Review None INT1
Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Nieuwste Geschiedenis – Revue belge d’histoire contemporaine INT2 INT2
Belleten NAT NAT
Berceo (Logroño, Ins. Estudios Riojanos) NAT NAT
Bericht der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission NAT NAT
Bibliothèque de l’école des chartes: revue d’erudition INT2 INT2
Biharea NAT NAT
Bijdragen en mededelingen Gelre NAT NAT
Bijdragen tot de geschiedenis INT2 INT2
Bijdragen en mededelingen betreffende de geschiedenis der nederlanden/low countries historical review INT1 INT1
Biografie Bulletin NAT NAT
Birikim NAT NAT
Blätter für deutsche Landesgeschichte NAT NAT
Bohemia. Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kunst der böhmischen Länder INT2 INT2
Bol og by. Landbohistorisk tidskrift NAT NAT
Boletín de la Real academia de la historia INT2 NAT
Bollettino dell’archivio per la storia del movimento sociale cattolico in Italia. NAT NAT
Bollettino dell’istituto storico italiano per il Medioevo NAT NAT
Bollettino Senese di Storia Patria NAT NAT
Bonner Jahrbücher INT2 INT2
Book History None INT1
Boreas INT2 INT2
Britannia NAT INT2
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies INT2 INT2
Brocar NAT NAT
Brood & Rozen. Tijdschrift voor de Geschiedenis van Sociale Bewegingen. NAT NAT
Buletinul Societăţii Numismatice Române NAT NAT
Bulgarian Historical Review None INT1
Bullan: An Irish Studies Journal NAT NAT
Bulletin de l’école française d’Extrême-Orient NAT NAT
Bulletin de la commission royale d’histoire NAT NAT
Bulletin de la Société de l’HIstoire du Protestantisme Français NAT INT2
Bulletin de l’Institut Historique belge de Rome. Bulletin van het Belgisch Historisch Instituut te Rome NAT INT2
Bulletin Hispanique INT2 INT2
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies INT2 INT2
Bulletin of Medieval Canon Law INT2 INT2
Bulletin of Portuguese/Japanese Studies NAT NAT
Bulletin of the German Historical Institute London NAT NAT
Bulletin of the History of Medicine INT2 INT2
Bulletin of the John Rylands Library of Manchester NAT NAT
Business History Review INT1 INT1
Business History INT1 INT1
Byzantiaka (Thessaloniki) INT2 INT2
Byzantina NAT NAT
Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies INT2 INT2
Byzantinische Zeitschrift INT2 INT1
Byzantinische Forschungen INT2 INT2
Byzantinoslavica INT2 INT1
Byzantion INT2 INT2
Cahiers belges d’histoire militaire NAT NAT
Cahiers d’ histoire NAT NAT
Cahiers d’histoire NAT NAT
Cahiers d’Histoire du Mouvement Ouvrier NAT NAT
Cahiers d’études hispaniques médiévales None NAT
Cahiers d’Histoire du Temps présent/Bijdragen tot de Eigentijdse Geschiedenis INT2 INT2
Cahiers d’etudes africaines INT2 NAT
Cahiers d’Extrême-Asie INT2 INT2
Cahiers de civilisation médiévale INT2 INT2
Cahiers de Recherches Médiévales (A Journal of medieval studies) INT2 INT2
Cahiers du Monde russe None INT2
Cahiers du Centre Gustave Glotz NAT NAT
Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens NAT NAT
Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies NAT NAT
Canadian Historical Review INT2 INT2
Canadian Journal of African Studies INT2 INT2
Canadian Journal of History INT1 INT1
Carinthia NAT NAT
Cartable de Clio (le) / Revue romande et tessinoise sur les didactiques de l’histoire NAT NAT
Časopis Matice moravské None INT2
Časopis Národního muzea None NAT
Časopis za zgodovino in narodopisje NAT NAT
Central Europe None INT1
Central European History INT2 INT1
Ceský casopis historický/The Czech Historical Review NAT INT1
Cheiron Materiali e strumenti di storia (Italy) INT2 INT2
Chiron. Mitteilungen der Kommission für Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts INT1 INT1
Chronica Nova NAT NAT
Chronique d’Egypte INT2 NAT
Chroniques de Port-Royal None NAT
Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture INT2 INT2
Church History and Religious Culture (Nederlands archief voor kerkges chiedenis) INT2 INT2
Cistercienser Chronik NAT NAT
Citeaux: commentarii Cistercienses NAT NAT
Clairlieu: tijdschrift gewijd aan de geschiedenis der Kruisheren NAT NAT
Classica et Mediaevalia INT2 INT1
Classical Antiquity INT2 INT2
Classical Quarterly INT2 INT1
Classical Review INT2 INT2
Classical Journal (the) INT2 INT2
Clio. Histoire, femmes et société NAT NAT
Clio. Revista do Centro de História da Universidade de Lisboa NAT NAT
Clio: A Journal of Literature, History, and the History of Philosophy INT2 INT2
CLIO: rivista trimestrale di studi storici NAT NAT
Codices Manuscripti. Zeitschrift für Handschriftenkunde NAT INT2
Cold War History INT2 INT2
Collectanea cistercensia: revue de spiritualité monastique NAT NAT
Collectanea Hibernica INT2 INT2
Collegium medievale NAT NAT
Colloquia: Journal of Central European History NAT NAT
Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies INT2 INT2
Comparativ. Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung NAT INT2
Comparative Studies in Society and History INT1 INT1
Comptes-rendus de l’académie des inscriptions et des belles-lettres (CRAI) INT2 INT2
Contemporary European History INT1 INT1
Contemporary British History None INT2
Contemporanea. Rivista di storia dell 800 e del 900 None INT2
Continuity and Change: A Journal of Social Structure, Law and Demography in Past Societies INT1 INT1
Costume – Journal of the Costume Society None INT2
Crime, Histoire & Sociétés/Crime, History & Societies None INT2
Criminal Justice History INT2 INT2
Crisia NAT NAT
Cristianesimo nella Storia NAT NAT
Croatica Christiana Periodica None NAT
CROMOHS-Cyber Review of Modern Historiography None INT2
Crusades INT2 INT1
Cuadernos de estudios Gallegos (Santiago de Compostela, Instituto P. Sarmiento, CSIC) NAT NAT
Cuadernos de Historia Contemporánea (Univ. Complutense) INT2 INT2
Cuadernos de historia moderna (Universidad Complutense of Madrid) INT2 INT2
Cuadernos de investigación histórica Brocar = Former title and ISSN NAT NAT
Cuadernos de Historia del Derecho None NAT
Cultura; História e Filosofia (Lisboa) NAT NAT
Cultural and Social History: The Journal of the Social History Society INT2 INT1
Culture & History INT2 INT2
Cultuur. Tijdschrift voor etnologie NAT NAT
Daedalus INT1 INT1
Das Mittelalter. Perspektiven mediävistischer Forschung None INT2
De Negentiende Eeuw. NAT NAT
De Zeventiende Eeuw NAT NAT
Denkmalpflege und Kulturgeschichte NAT NAT
Deutchland Archiv None INT1
Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters INT1 INT1
Dialogues d’histoire ancienne NAT NAT
Diasporas. Histoire et sociétés None NAT
Dimensioni e problemi della ricerca storica NAT NAT
Diogenes None INT1
Diplomacy and Statecraft None INT2
Diplomatic History INT1 INT1
Dix-huitième siècle INT2 INT2
Dix-septième siècle INT2 INT2
Documenta Pragensia None INT2
Dubrovnik annals NAT NAT
Dumbarton Oaks Papers INT1 INT1
Dutch Crossing : Journal of Low Countries Studies NAT INT1
Dve Domovini/Two Homelands None NAT
Dzieje Najnowsze NAT INT2
Early Medieval Europe INT1 INT1
Early Science and Medicine. A Journal for the Study of Science, Technology and Medicine in the Pre­modern Period INT2 INT2
East Asian History NAT NAT
East European Politics and Societies INT2 INT2
Economic History Review INT1 INT1
Economies et sociétés INT2 INT2
Edad Media. Revista de Historia NAT NAT
Eesti Ajalooarhiivi toimetised (Acta et commentationes archivi historici Estoniae) None NAT
Eighteenth-Century Ireland INT1 INT1
E-Journal of Portuguese History INT2 INT2
En la España Medieval NAT NAT
English Historical Review (the) INT1 INT1
Enterprise and Society INT1 INT1
Entreprises et histoire NAT NAT
Environmental history INT2 INT2
Environment and History None INT1
Epetirida tou Kentrou Epistimonikon Ereunon, Nicosia None INT2
Epigraphica anatolica – Epigraphik und historische Geographie Anatoliens None INT2
Erhvervshistorisk Årbog NAT NAT
Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Historia Contemporánea NAT NAT
Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Historia Medieval NAT NAT
Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Historia Moderna NAT NAT
Estudios Migratorios (Santiago de Compostela) NAT NAT
Estudis INT2 INT2
Estudos do Século XX None INT2
Ethnohistory INT2 INT2
Etudes balkaniques None INT2
Etudes Celtiques INT2 INT2
Etudes Classiques (Les) NAT NAT
Etudes Irlandaises INT2 INT2
Études médiévales INT2 INT2
Études rurales INT2 INT2
Etudes sur le XVIIIe siècle NAT NAT
Euro-Atlantic Studies INT2 INT2
European History Quarterly INT1 INT1
European review None INT2
European Review of History – revue européenne d’histoire INT2 INT1
European Review of Economic History INT1 INT1
European Sports History Review (the) NAT NAT
Europe-Asia Studies INT2 INT2
Explorations in Economic History INT1 INT1
Family and Community History NAT NAT
Feit en fictie: tijdschrift voor de geschiedenis van de representatie NAT NAT
Fifteenth-Century Studies INT2 INT2
Film & history INT2 INT2
Financial History INT2 INT2
Financial History Review INT2 INT1
Folia historica Bohemica NAT INT2
Food & History INT2 INT2
Food and foodways: explorations in the history and culture of human nourishment INT2 INT2
Forschungen zur Brandenburgischen und Preussischen Geschichte NAT NAT
Forschungen zur baltischen Geschichte None NAT
Francia 1, 2, 3 INT2 INT2
Frankfurter Judaistische Beiträge/ Frankfurt Jewish Studies Bulletin NAT NAT
Franse Nederlanden (De) NAT NAT
French Historical Studies INT2 INT2
French History INT1 INT1
Frühmittelalterliche Studien INT2 INT2
Fruhneuzeit-info INT2 INT2
Gazette des Archives (La) NAT NAT
Gazette du livre médiéval NAT INT2
Gender & History INT2 INT1
Genèses, sciences sociales et histoire None INT1
Gerión NAT NAT
German History INT1 INT1
Geschichte und Region/Storia e regione NAT NAT
Geschichte in Wissenschaft und Unterricht INT2 INT1
Geschichte und Gegenwart INT2 INT2
Geschichte und Gesellschaft: Zeitschrift für historische Sozialwissenschaft INT1 INT1
Geschichte und Informatik: Verein “Geschichte und Informatik” NAT NAT
Gewina: tijdschrift voor de geschiedenis der geneeskunde, natuurwetenschappen, wiskunde en techniek NAT NAT
Gladius NAT NAT
Gnomon: Kritische Zeitschrift für Kultur der Antike und Humanistische Bildung INT1 INT1
Göttingische Gelehrte Anzeigen INT2 INT2
Greece and Rome NAT NAT
Greek, Roman and Byzantine studies INT2 INT2
Guerres mondiales et conflits contemporains NAT NAT
Gulden passer (De) NAT NAT
Gymnasium: Zeitschrift für Kultur der Antike und Humanistische Bildung INT2 INT2
Hadtudomány (Military Science) None NAT
Häften för kritiska studier NAT NAT
Hagiographica. Journal of hagiography and biography of societa INT2 INT2
Handelingen van de Koninklijke Commissie voor de Uitgave der Oude Wetten en Verordeningen van België / Bulletin de la Commission royale pour la publication des anciennes lois et ordonnances de Belgique. NAT NAT
Handelingen van de Koninklijke commissie voor geschiedenis NAT NAT
Handelingen van het Genootschap voor geschiedenis, gesticht onder de benaming ‘Société d’Émulation’ te Brugge: driemaandelijks tijdschrift voor de studie van geschiedenis en oudheden van Vlaanderen NAT NAT
Handelingen der Maatschappij voor Geschiedenis en Oudheidkunde te Gent None NAT
Hansische Geschichtsblätter INT2 INT2
Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies INT1 INT1
Harvard Theological Review INT2 INT1
Helikon NAT NAT
Helios INT2 INT2
Hémecht – Zeitschrift für Luxemburger Geschichte INT2 INT2
Hermathena NAT NAT
Herold-Jahrbuch des Vereins für Heraldik, Genealogie und Verwandte Wissenschaften NAT NAT
Hesperia INT2 INT1
Hessisches Jahrbuch für Landesgeschichte NAT NAT
Hispania Antiqua None NAT
Hispania Nova: Revista de Historia Contemporánea NAT NAT
Hispania Sacra NAT NAT
HISPANIA. Revista Española de Historia INT1 INT1
Hispanic American Historical Review INT2 INT1
Histoire & Mesure INT2 INT2
Histoire des Sciences Médicales INT2 INT2
Histoire et sociétés INT2 INT2
Histoire et Sociétés Rurales INT2 INT2
Histoire médiévale et archéologie INT2 INT2
Histoire sociale INT2 INT2
Histoire, économie et société INT2 INT2
Historein INT2 INT2
Historia NAT NAT
HISTORIA : Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte / Revue d’Histoire Ancienne / Journal of Ancient History / Rivista di Storia Antica INT1 INT1
Historia Agraria INT2 INT1
Historia Contemporánea (Univ. País Vasco) INT2 INT2
Historia del Presente NAT NAT
Historia social INT2 INT2
Historia Urbana NAT NAT
Historia y Comunicación Social (MADRID, Univ. Complutense) INT2 INT2
Historia y Política. INT2 INT2
Historia, Instituciones, Documentos (Univ. Sevilla) NAT NAT
Historiallinen aikakauskirja INT2 INT2
Historica NAT NAT
Historical Studies in Industrial Relations INT2 INT2
Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History INT1 INT1
Historical Research INT1 INT1
Historical Journal INT1 INT1
Historical Social Research – Historische Sozialforschung INT2 INT1
Historical Materialism – Research in Critical Marxist Theory NAT INT2
Historická demografie (Historical Demography) NAT NAT
Historické štúdie (Historical Studies) NAT NAT
Historický časopis (Historical Journal) INT2 INT1
Historický obzor (Historical Horizon) NAT NAT
Historijskij zbornik NAT NAT
Historisch Jaarboek Groningen NAT NAT
Historische Zeitschrift INT1 INT1
Historisches Jahrbuch INT2 INT2
Historisch-geografisch tijdschrift NAT NAT
Historische Anthropologie INT2 INT1
Historische Mitteilungen der Ranke-Gesellschaft (HMRG) NAT INT2
Historisch-Politische Buch (Das) NAT INT2
Historisch-Politisches Mitteilungen NAT NAT
Historisk Tidskrift för Finland INT2 INT2
Historisk tidskrift INT2 INT2
Historisk Tidsskrift. (Oslo) INT1 INT2
Historisk Tidsskrift INT2 INT2
History & Memory: Studies in the Representation of the Past INT2 INT1
History and Theory INT1 INT1
History and Anthropology INT1 INT1
History and Computing INT2 INT1
History and technology INT2 INT2
History compass None INT1
History of Science INT1 INT1
History of political thought INT2 INT2
History of Religions INT2 INT2
History of Technology INT1 INT1
History of the Family. An International Quarterly INT2 INT2
History of Education INT2 INT2
History of Economic Ideas None INT2
History of Universities None INT2
History of European Ideas INT2 INT1
History Teacher NAT NAT
History Workshop Journal INT1 INT1
History: The Journal of the Historical Association INT1 INT1
Histos. The New Electronic Journal of Ancient Historiography NAT NAT
Holland, historisch tijdschrift NAT NAT
Holocaust and Genocide Studies NAT INT2
Humanistica Lovaniensia: journal of Neo-Latin studies INT1 INT1
Hygiea Internationalis. An Interdisciplinary Journal for the History of Public Health NAT NAT
IA, Journal of the Society for Industrial Archeology INT2 INT2
Il Pensiero Economico Italiano None INT2
Imago Temporis Medium Aevum None W
Incontri: rivista europea di studi italiani NAT NAT
Indian Economy and Social History Review INT2 INT2
Industrial Archaeology Review INT2 INT2
Informationen zur modernen Stadtgeschichte (IMS) NAT INT2
Innes Review (The) NAT NAT
Insight Turkey None INT2
International Journal of Humanities and Arts Comouting None INT1
International Journal of African Historical Studies INT1 INT1
International Journal of Middle East Studies INT2 INT2
International History Review INT1 INT1
International Journal of History Learning, Teaching and Research NAT NAT
International Journal of Maritime History INT2 INT1
International Journal of Scottish Studies NAT NAT
International Journal of the History of Sport (the) INT2 INT2
International Labor and Working Class History INT2 INT1
International Migration Review INT2 INT2
International review of social history INT1 INT1
Internationale wissenschaftliche Korrespondenz zur Geschichte der deutschen Arbeiterbewegung NAT INT2
Investigaciones de Historia Economica INT2 INT2
Investigaciones Históricas. Epoca moderna y contemporánea INT2 INT2
Iranica Antiqua INT2 INT2
Irish Economic & Social History INT1 INT1
Irish Historical Studies INT1 INT1
Irish Political Studies NAT NAT
Irish Slavonic Studies NAT NAT
Irish Studies in International affairs NAT NAT
Irish Sword INT2 INT2
Isis INT1 INT1
Islàm, storia e civiltà NAT NAT
Israel oriental studies NAT NAT
Istor INT2 INT2
Istros INT2 INT2
It Beaken. Tydskrift fan de Fryske Akademy NAT NAT
Italia Medioevale e Umanistica INT2 INT2
Itinerario: European journal of overseas history INT2 INT2
Jaarboek van het genootschap Amstelodanum INT2 INT2
Jaarboek van het Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten NAT NAT
Jaarboek voor Ecologische Geschiedenis NAT NAT
Jaarboek voor Oorlogsdocumentatie (NIOD) INT2 INT2
Jaarboek voor Vrouwengeschiedenis INT2 INT2
Jaarboek voor Nederlandse Boekgeschiedenis NAT NAT
Jaarboek voor Middeleeuwse Geschiedenis INT2 INT2
Jahrbuch der österreichischen Byzantinistik INT2 INT2
Jahrbuch der historischen Forschung NAT NAT
Jahrbuch des Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums Mainz INT2 INT2
Jahrbuch für die Geschichte Mittel- und Ostdeutschlands NAT NAT
Jahrbuch für Europäische Verwaltungsgeschichte INT2 INT2
Jahrbuch für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte NAT NAT
Jahrbuch für Universitätsgeschichte NAT INT2
Jahrbuch für westdeutsche Landesgeschichte NAT NAT
Jahrbuch fur Kommunismusforschung None INT2
Jahrbuch fur Europeische Geschichte None INT2
Jahrbuch für Regionalgeschichte INT2 INT2
Jahrbuch für Antike und Christentum INT2 INT2
Jahrbuch für Geschichte Lateinamerikas/Anuario de Historia de América Latina INT2 INT2
Jahrbuch f. Wirtschaftsgeschichte/Economic History Yearbook INT1 INT1
Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas. Neue Folge INT1 INT1
Jewish History NAT INT2
Journal de la Renaissance None INT2
Journal of Historical Sociology INT2 INT2
Journal of Medieval History INT1 INT1
Journal of European Integration History / Revue d’histoire de l’intégration européenne / Zeitschrift für Geschichte der Europäischen Integration INT2 INT2
Journal of the Society of Archivists INT1 INT1
Journal of Historical Geography INT2 INT1
Journal of Agrarian Change INT2 INT2
Journal of Latin American Studies INT2 INT2
Journal of the History of Ideas INT1 INT1
Journal of War and Cultural Studies None INT2
Journal of Contemporary History INT1 INT1
Journal of Roman Studies INT1 INT1
Journal of Economic History INT1 INT1
Journal of Legal History INT2 INT2
Journal of Sport History INT2 INT2
Journal of Global History INT1 INT1
Journal of Modern European History INT2 INT1
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies INT1 INT1
Journal of Ecclesiastical History INT1 INT1
Journal of Management History None INT2
Journal of American Studies None INT2
Journal of British Studies INT2 INT2
Journal of American History INT2 INT1
Journal of Victorian Culture None INT2
Journal of Interdisciplinary History INT1 INT1
Journal of Social History INT1 INT1
Journal of the Cork Historical & Archaeological Society NAT NAT
Journal of Early Christian Studies INT1 INT1
Journal of the Early Book Society for the study of manuscripts and printing history None INT2
Journal of mediterranean studies None INT1
Journal of Jewish Studies NAT NAT
Journal of Strategic Studies None INT2
Journal of Modern Greek Studies INT2 INT2
Journal of monastic military orders None W
Journal of Asian studies None INT1
Journal of African History INT1 INT1
Journal of American Ethnic History INT2 INT2
Journal of Asian History INT2 INT2
Journal of Baltic Studies INT2 INT1
Journal of Cold War Studies INT2 INT2
Journal of design history INT2 INT2
Journal of Early Modern History: Contacts, Comparisons, Contrasts INT2 INT2
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies INT1 INT1
Journal of European Economic History INT2 INT2
Journal of Hellenic Studies INT1 INT1
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History INT1 INT1
Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies INT2 INT2
Journal of Military History INT2 INT2
Journal of Modern History INT1 INT1
Journal of Pacific History INT2 INT2
Journal of Peasant Studies INT2 INT2
Journal of religion in Africa NAT NAT
Journal of Roman Archaeology INT2 INT1
Journal of Southern African Studies INT2 INT2
Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans INT2 INT2
Journal of the Early Republic INT2 INT2
Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society NAT NAT
Journal of the History of Collections INT2 INT2
Journal of the history of sexuality INT1 INT1
Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies INT1 INT1
Journal of the Wexford Historical Society NAT NAT
Journal of Transport History INT2 INT2
Journal of urban history INT1 INT1
Journal of Women’s History INT1 INT1
Journal of world history INT1 INT1
Journalism history INT2 INT2
Judaica Bohemiae None NAT
Klio. Beiträge zur Alten Geschichte INT1 INT2
Kronika. Časopis za slovensko krajevno zgodovino NAT NAT
Ktèma: civilisations de l’Orient, de la Grèce et de Rome antiques INT2 INT2
Kwartalnik Historii Kultury Materialnej None INT2
Kwartalnik Historyczny NAT INT1
Labor History INT1 INT1
Labour History Review INT2 INT2
Lampas. Tijdschrift voor nederlandse classici NAT NAT
Landscape History NAT NAT
L’Antiquité Classique INT2 INT2
Late Imperial China INT1 INT1
Latomus. Revue d’études latines INT1 INT1
L’Avenç (Barcelona) NAT NAT
Laverna NAT NAT
Law and History Review INT1 INT1
Le Mouvement Social INT2 INT1
Le Moyen Âge. Revue d’Histoire et de Philologie INT2 INT2
Le Muséon. Revue d’Etudes Orientales INT1 INT1
Ler Histόria INT2 INT2
Lětopis. Zeitschrift für sorbische Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur (Serbski institut / Sorbisches Institut, Budyšin/Bautzen) None NAT
Levéltári Közlemények NAT NAT
L’Homme. Europäisches Zeitschrift für feministische Geschichtswissenschaft NAT INT2
Lias: sources and documents relating to the early modern history of iedeas NAT NAT
Liber Annuus. Annual of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum Jerusalem None NAT
Library & Information History (formerly Library History) None NAT
Literature and History INT2 INT2
Llafur (Journal of the Welsh people society) None NAT
Local Historian INT2 INT2
Local Population Studies INT2 INT2
London Journal INT2 INT2
Lusitania Sacra NAT NAT
Lustrum INT2 INT2
Maal og Minne INT2 NAT
Manuscripta. A Journal for Manuscript Research INT2 INT2
Manuscrits. Revista d’Historia Moderna NAT NAT
Material History Review NAT NAT
Media History INT2 INT2
Mediaeval Studies INT2 INT2
Mediaevalia Historica Bohemica INT2 INT2
Mediaevistik None INT2
Medical history INT2 INT2
Medieval Sermon Studies None INT2
Médiévales: langue, textes, histoire INT2 INT2
Medievalia historica INT2 INT2
Medievalismo. Boletín de la Sociedad Española de Estudios Medievales (Sevilla) NAT NAT
Medioevo e Rinascimento None NAT
Medioevo greco. rivista di storia e filologia bizantina NAT NAT
Medioevo romanzo NAT NAT
Mediterranean Historical Review INT2 NAT
Mediterranea. Ricerche Storiche None INT2
Mediterraneo Antico: Economie, società, culture NAT NAT
Mélanges de la Casa de Velázquez NAT NAT
Mélanges de l’Ecole Française de Rome. Antiquité INT2 INT2
Mélanges de l’Ecole Française de Rome. Italie et Méditerranée INT2 INT2
Mélanges de l’Ecole Française de Rome. Moyen-âge INT2 INT2
Meridiana NAT NAT
Mesaionika kai Nea Ellinika (Akademie Athen) NAT NAT
Middle Eastern Studies INT2 INT2
Midland History INT2 NAT
Militärgeschichtliche Zeitschrift INT2 INT1
Millennium. Tijdschrift voor middeleeuwse studies. INT2 INT2
Minerva – A Review of Science, Learning and Policy None INT1
Miteilungsblatt des Instituts fur soziale Bewegungen None INT2
Mitteilungen des Instituts fur Österreichische Geschichtsforschung INT2 INT1
Mittelalter (Parallel titles: Moyen Age – Medioevo) NAT NAT
Mittelweg 36 NAT NAT
Mnēmōn INT2 INT2
Modern and Contemporary France None NAT
Modern Asian Studies INT1 INT1
Modern China INT2 INT1
Modern Intellectual History INT2 INT2
Modern Italy NAT INT2
Moderní dejiny – Modern History NAT INT2
Monumenta Nipponica INT2 INT2
Monumenta Serica NAT INT2
Münstersche Beiträge zur Antiken Handelsgeschichte NAT NAT
Museum Helveticum. Revue suisse pour l’étude de l’Antiquité classique NAT NAT
Naistutkimus NAT NAT
Nassauische Annalen NAT NAT
National Identities INT2 INT2
Nationalities papers INT2 INT2
Nations and nationalism INT2 INT1
Neues Lausitzisches Magazin (Neue Folge). Zeitschrift der Oberlausitzischen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften (Görlitz) None NAT
New Zealand Journal of History INT2 INT2
Niedersächsisches Jahrbuch für Landesgeschichte NAT NAT
Nieuw Letterkundig Magazijn NAT NAT
Nieuwste Tijd (De) NAT NAT
Nikephoros. Zeitschrift für Sport und Kultur im Altertum INT2 INT2
Nineteenth-century contexts: an interdisciplinary journal INT1 INT1
Noordbrabants Historisch Jaarboek NAT NAT
Nordost-Archiv NAT INT2
Northern History INT2 NAT
Nottingham Medieval Studies None INT2
Nuevo Mundo – Mundos Nuevos None NAT
Numismatic Chronicle INT1 INT1
Numismatische Zeitschrift NAT NAT
Nuova Rivista Storica INT2 INT2
Nuova Storia contemporanea NAT NAT
Obradoiro de Historia Moderna NAT NAT
Odrodzenie i Reformacja w Polsce NAT INT2
Ons Geestelijk Erf. INT2 INT2
Opera historica NAT INT2
Oriens Christianus NAT INT2
Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften INT2 INT1
Österreichische Osthefte NAT NAT
Outre-mers INT2 INT2
Overijsselse Historische Bijdragen NAT NAT
Oxoniensia None NAT
Pacific Historical Review INT2 INT2
Paedagogica Historica INT2 INT1
Palaeobulgarica None NAT
Palestine exploration quarterly NAT NAT
Papers of the British School at Rome INT2 INT1
Parliaments, Estates and Represenation None INT2
Parliamentary History INT2 INT1
Parola del passato (la): Rivista di studi antichi NAT NAT
Pasado y memoria: Revista de historia contemporánea INT2 INT2
Passato e presente. Rivista di storia contemporanea INT2 INT1
Past and Present INT1 INT1
Pedralbes (Univ. Barcelona) NAT NAT
Peritia. Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland INT1 INT1
Polhem NAT NAT
Polis: Revista de Ideas NAT NAT
População e Sociedade NAT NAT
Population Studies INT1 INT1
Povijesni prilozi NAT NAT
Prazsky sbornik historicky (The Prague Historical Proceedings) None NAT
Príncipe de Viana (Pamplona, Gobierno de Navarra) NAT NAT
Prispevki za novejšo zgodovino INT2 INT2
Pro Memorie. Bijdragen tot de rechtsgeschiedenis der Nederlanden NAT INT2
Przegląd Tomistyczny None NAT
Przeglad Historyczny None INT2
Przegląd Historycznyq None NAT
Public Historian INT2 INT2
Publications du Centre Européen d’Etudes Bourguignonnes (XIVe-XVIe s.) None INT2
Quaderni di storia NAT NAT
Quaderni Storici – Nuova Serie INT1 INT1
Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae INT2 NAT
Queeste INT2 INT2
Quellen und Forschungen aus italienischen Archiven und Bibliotheken NAT INT2
Radical History Review INT2 INT2
Radovi zavoda za povijesne znanosti hazu u zadru NAT NAT
Rassegna storica del Risorgimento NAT NAT
Recerques. Història, Economia, Cultura NAT NAT
Rechtsgeschichte INT2 INT2
Reinardus INT2 INT2
Renaissance and Modern Studies INT2 INT2
Renaissance Quarterly INT1 INT1
Renaissance Studies INT2 INT1
Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme INT2 INT2
Report of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus NAT NAT
Representations INT2 INT2
Res historica (University of Lublin) None NAT
Research in Economic History INT2 INT2
Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice INT2 INT1
Review of Scottish Culture None NAT
Review of Armenian Studies NAT NAT
Revista Complutense de Historia de América NAT INT1
Revista da faculdade de letras. Série de história NAT NAT
Revista de Demografía Histórica NAT NAT
Revista de História Económica e Social (Lisboa) INT2 NAT
Revista de historia Jerónimo Zurita NAT NAT
Revista de historia moderna NAT NAT
Revista de Historia Industrial NAT INT2
Revista de historia actual NAT NAT
Revista de Historia Económica – Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History (RHE-JILAEH) INT2 INT1
Revista de História das Ideias NAT NAT
Revista de Indias NAT B
Revista de História da Sociedade e da Cultura NAT NAT
Revista di studi Liguri None NAT
Revista Istorica INT2 INT2
Revista Portuguesa de história INT2 INT2
Revue belge de philologie et d’histoire-Belgisch tijdschrift voor filologie en geschiedenis INT1 INT1
Revue belge de numismatique None INT2
Revue bénédictine INT2 INT2
Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique. Louvain Journal of Church History INT1 INT1
Revue de l’histoire des religions INT1 INT1
Revue de Philologie, de Littérature et d’Histoire Ancienne NAT NAT
Revue de synthèse INT1 INT1
Revue des études slaves NAT INT2
Revue des Etudes anciennes INT2 INT2
Revue des Etudes arméniennes NAT NAT
Revue des Etudes Byzantines INT2 INT2
Revue des Etudes italiennes NAT NAT
Revue des Etudes juives NAT NAT
Revue d’études comparatives Est-Ouest None INT2
Revue d’Histoire Nordique/Nordic Historical Review None W
Revue d’histoire des sciences humaines NAT NAT
Revue d’histoire diplomatique INT2 INT2
Revue d’Histoire des Textes INT2 INT2
Revue d’Histoire de l’Eglise de France NAT INT2
Revue d’histoire moderne et contemporaine INT1 INT1
Revue d’histoire du XIXe siècle INT2 INT1
Revue du monde musulman et de la Méditerranée INT2 INT2
Revue du Nord INT2 NAT
Revue Française d’histoire du livre NAT NAT
Revue hispanique: Recueil consacré á l’études des langues, des littératures et de l’histoire des pays castillans, catalans et portugais NAT NAT
Revue historique de droit français et étranger INT2 INT2
Revue historique INT2 INT1
Revue internationale des Droits de l’Antiquité INT2 INT2
Revue internationale d’histoire militaire INT2 INT2
Revue Mabillon. Revue Internationale d’Histoire et de Littérature Religieuses INT2 INT2
Revue numismatique INT1 INT1
Revue Roumaine d’Egyptologie NAT NAT
Rheinische Vierteljahrsblätter NAT NAT
RHR (Formerly: Bulletin de l’association d’études sur l’humanisme, la reforme et la renaissance) NAT NAT
Ricerche di Storia Politica None INT2
Ricerche storiche NAT NAT
RIG, kulturhistorisk tidskrift None NAT
Rinascimento. Rivista dell’Istituto Nazionale di studi sul Rinascimento INT2 INT2
Rivista di storia del diritto italiano NAT NAT
Rivista di storia della Chiesa in Italia INT2 INT2
Rivista di storia economica INT2 INT2
Rivista di studi bizantini e neoellenici INT2 INT2
Rivista storica italiana INT1 INT1
Romanistische Zeitschrift für Literaturgeschichte NAT NAT
Romanistisches Jahrbuch NAT NAT
Römische Historische Mitteilungen NAT INT2
Römische Quartalschrift für christliche Altertumskunde und Kirchengeschichte NAT NAT
Römisches Jahrbuch der Bibliotheca Hertziana NAT NAT
Rural History INT2 INT2
Sachsen und Anhalt NAT NAT
Sacris Erudiri. A Journal on the Inheritance of Early and Medieval Christianity NAT INT2
Saeculum INT2 INT2
Saga INT2 INT2
Saga-Book of the Viking Society for Northern Research NAT INT2
Saothar: Journal of Irish Labour History Society NAT INT2
Sargetia – Seria Istorie NAT NAT
Sborník archivních prací None INT2
Sborník Národního muzea v Praze. Acta Musei nationalis Pragae NAT NAT
Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty Brněnské univerzity. Studia Minora Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Brunensis NAT NAT
Scandia: Tidskrift för historisk forskning INT2 INT1
Scandinavian Journal of History INT2 INT1
Scandinavian Economic History Review INT1 INT1
Schede Medievali NAT NAT
Schweizer Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte und Archäologie des Mittelalters, Basel NAT NAT
Schweizer Münzblätter – Gazette Numismatique Suisse NAT NAT
Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau NAT INT2
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Geschichte (Revue suisse d’histoire) INT2 INT1
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Religions- und Kulturgeschichte (previously: Zeitschrift für schweizerische Kirchengeschichte) NAT INT2
Scottish Archives INT2 INT2
Scottish Historical Review INT2 INT2
Scottish Industrial History NAT NAT
Scottish Labour History INT2 INT2
Scrinia Slavonica NAT NAT
Scripta classica israelica INT2 INT1
Scripta historica: acta societas historica Ouluensis NAT NAT
Scripta Mercaturae. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte NAT NAT
Scriptorium -Revue internationale des études relatives aux manuscrits / International review of manuscripts studies INT1 INT1
Seizième Siècle (Formerly : Nouvelle Revue du Seizième Siècle) INT2 INT2
Siedlungsforschung. Archäologie ­ Geschichte ­ Geographie INT2 INT2
Śląski Kwartalnik Historyczny Sobótka None NAT
Slavic Review INT2 INT2
Slavonic and East European Review INT2 INT2
Slezský sborník. Acta Silesiaca NAT NAT
Slovanský prehled /Slavonic Review NAT INT2
Slovenská archivistika None NAT
Social history (histoire sociale) None INT2
Social History INT1 INT1
Social History of Medicine INT1 INT1
Social Science History INT2 INT2
Socialist history None INT2
Società e storia None NAT
Solska kronika NAT NAT
Sotahistoriallinen aikakauskirja NAT NAT
Soudobe dejiny (Contemporary History) INT2 INT2
South African Historical Journal INT2 INT2
Southern History NAT NAT
Sozial. Geschichte Zeitschrift für historische Analyse des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts NAT INT2
Speculum: a journal of mediaeval studies INT1 INT1
Sport in History NAT NAT
Sportzeit NAT NAT
STADION. International Journal of the History of Sport INT2 INT1
Stadsgeschiedenis INT2 INT2
Starohrvatska prosvjeta NAT NAT
Storia della storiografia-Histoire de l’Historiographie-History of Historiography-Geschichte der Geschichtsschreibung INT2 INT1
Storica NAT NAT
Storiografia. Rivista annuale di storia None INT2
Studi Emigrazione / Migration Studies NAT NAT
Studi medievali INT2 INT2
Studi Romani NAT NAT
Studi Storici INT1 INT1
Studi Veneziani NAT INT2
Studia Celtica NAT NAT
Studia Comeniana et historica INT2 INT2
Studia et Acta Historiae Iudaeorum Romaniae NAT NAT
Studia et Documenta Historiae et Iuris NAT NAT
Studia Hibernica INT2 INT2
Studia historica Slovenica, Časopis za humanistične in družboslovne študije/Humanites and Social Studies Review INT2 INT2
Studia Historica, Historia Medieval (Univ. Salamanca) INT2 INT2
Studia Histórica, Historia Moderna (Univ. Salamanca) INT2 INT2
Studia Histórica. Historia Contemporánea NAT NAT
Studia Judaica NAT NAT
Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai. Historia NAT NAT
Studia z Dziejów Rosji i Europy Srodkowo-Wdchodniej NAT NAT
Studia Źródłoznawcze NAT NAT
Studien und Mitteilungen zur Geschichte des Benedictiner-Ordens NAT NAT
Studies in Church History INT2 INT2
Studies over de Sociaal-Economische Geschiedenis van Limburg (SSEG) None NAT
Studii de Istorie a Banatului NAT NAT
Studii şi Cercetăari de Numismatică NAT NAT
Studii şi Cercetări de Istorie Veche şi Arheologie NAT NAT
Studii şi Materiale de Istorie Medie NAT NAT
Studii şi Materiale de Istorie Modernă NAT NAT
Subseciva Groningana NAT NAT
Südost-Forschungen NAT INT2
Suomen kirkkohistoriallisen seuran vuosikirja / Finska kyrkohistoriska samfundets årsskrift / Jahrbuch der Finnischen Gesellschaft für Kirchengeschichte NAT NAT
Symposia melitensia None NAT
Századok NAT INT2
Ta Istorika INT1 INT1
Tarih Araştirmalari NAT NAT
Tarih Incelemeleri Dergisi NAT NAT
Technikgeschichte INT2 INT2
Technology and Culture INT1 INT1
Tel Aviver Jahrbuch für deutsche Geschichte NAT INT2
Textielhistorische Bijdragen NAT NAT
Textile History INT2 INT2
The Catholic Historical Review INT2 INT1
The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought None INT1
The Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television None INT2
The History of the Family. An International Quarterly INT2 INT1
The Journal of Japanese Studies INT1 INT1
The Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient INT1 INT1
The Latin Americanist None INT2
The Library INT1 INT1
The Mariner’s Mirror-the international quarterly journal of the Society for Nautical Research INT2 INT1
The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord INT2 INT2
The Oral History Review INT2 INT2
The Russian Review INT2 INT2
The Seventeenth Century INT2 INT2
The Sixteenth Century Journal INT2 INT1
Theatrum historiae None INT2
Theory and Society INT1 INT1
Tiecelijn. Nieuwsbrief voor Reynaerdofielen NAT NAT
Tiempos Modernos, Revista electrónica de Historia Moderna (Madrid) NAT NAT
Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis van techniek en industriële cultuur NAT NAT
Tijdschrift voor Mediageschiedenis INT2 INT2
Tijdschrift voor zeegeschiedenis INT2 INT2
Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis INT1 INT1
Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis INT1 INT1
Tijdschrift voor rechtsgeschiedenis (also title in English: The Legal History Review; in French: Revue d’histoire du droit INT2 INT2
Tijdschrift voor Waterstaatsgeschiedenis INT2 INT2
Történelmi Szemle NAT NAT
T’oung Pao NAT INT2
Traditio: Studies in Ancient and Medieval History, Thought and Religion INT1 INT1
Trajecta: relgie, cultuur and society in de Nederlanden / religion, culture and society in the Low Countries NAT NAT
Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion NAT NAT
Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society NAT NAT
Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana INT2 INT2
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society INT1 INT1
Transylvanian Review NAT NAT
Traverse: Zeitschrift für Geschichte, Zürich NAT INT2
Trocadero. Revista de Historia Moderna y Contemporánea (Univ. Cádiz) NAT NAT
Tuna None NAT
Türk Belgerleri Dergisi NAT NAT
Turun historiallinen arkisto NAT NAT
Twentieth Century British History INT1 INT1
Tyche: Beiträge zur Alten Geschichte, Papyrologie und Epigraphik INT1 INT1
Ukrainsky istoryčny žurnal None INT1
Urban History INT1 INT1
Utrechtse historische cahiers NAT NAT
Vasconia (Guipúcoa, Eusko Ikaskuntza, Sociedad de Estudios Vascos) NAT NAT
Vestnik drevnij istorii INT2 INT2
Viator. Medieval and Renaissance Studies INT2 INT1
Victorian Studies INT2 INT1
Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte INT1 INT1
Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte INT2 INT1
Vigiliae Christianae INT1 INT1
Viking and Medieval Scandinavia None INT1
Vingtième Siècle. Revue d’histoire INT2 INT1
Vjesnik za arheologiju i povijest dalmatinsku NAT NAT
Volkskunde NAT NAT
Voprosy istorii INT2 INT1
Východočeský sborník historický None NAT
War and Society None INT2
War in History INT1 INT1
Welsh History Review INT2 INT2
WerkstattGeschichte None INT1
Westfälische Forschungen NAT NAT
Westfälische Zeitschrift NAT NAT
Wetenschappelijke tijdingen op het gebied van de geschiedenis van de Vlaamse beweging NAT NAT
Wiener Zeitschrift zur Geschichte der Neuzeit NAT INT2
William and Mary Quarterly INT1 INT1
Wolfenbütteler Renaissancemitteilungen INT2 INT2
Women’s history review INT2 INT1
Würzburger Jahrbücher für die Altertumswissenschaft NAT NAT
Yale Classical Studies NAT INT2
Yearbook of the REsearch Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies INT2 INT2
Zbornik Odsjeka za povijesne znanosti Zavoda za povijesne i društvene znanosti HAZU NAT INT2
Zbornik Radova Vizantološkog Instituta NAT NAT
Zeitgeschichte NAT INT1
Zeithistorische Forschungen / Studies in Contemporary History None INT1
Zeitschrift der Savigny-stiftung für rechtsgeschichte. Germanistische Abteilung INT1 INT1
Zeitschrift für Unternehmensgeschichte INT2 INT1
Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik INT1 INT1
Zeitschrift für die Geschichte des Oberrheins NAT NAT
Zeitschrift für Württembergische Landesgeschichte NAT NAT
Zeitschrift fuer Historische Forschung INT2 INT1
Zeitschrift für Weltgeschichte None INT2
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft INT1 INT1
Zeitschrift des Historischen Vereins für Hamburgische Geschichte NAT NAT
Zeitschrift des Historischen Vereins für Schwaben NAT NAT
Zeitschrift des Historischen Vereins für Steiermark NAT NAT
Zeitschrift für Agrargeschichte und Agrarsoziologie INT2 INT2
Zeitschrift für bayerische Landesgeschichte NAT NAT
Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft INT2 INT2
Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte INT2 INT2
Zeitschrift für Neuere Rechtsgeschichte INT1 INT1
Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropa-Forschung INT2 INT1
Zgodovinski Casopis – Historical Review INT2 INT2



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