Call for Papers: British Academy of Management Conference

19 01 2012
AS: Business historians might be interested in this CFP. 
Theme: ‘Management Research Revisited: Prospects for Theory and Practice’ Cardiff University 2012, Management and Business History Track
In 2012 our track aims to build on the successful experience of BAM 2011.  In 2012 the conference theme gives us as historians an excellent opportunity to emphasise the benefits of longitudinal work to management scholars more generally.  The theorists of the past were bounded by the historical context of the period that they found themselves in, and we must understand that context in order to be able to make comparisons with the present in terms of applicability.  As historians we are in an excellent position to demonstrate the usefulness of knowledge of that context. History also provides some opportunity for reflective practice: approaches and strategies which appeared to work during the crises of the 1930s or 1970s may not work today and vice versa.  As a track we can make an important contribution to the discussion as a whole at BAM 2012, while further encouraging historians to think more clearly about how theory underpins their work and how it can potentially inform practice.
We believe that the current environment both in the world of practice and within the academic sphere offers historians an excellent opportunity to introduce the value of their work to other social scientists. We seek interested historians to submit papers to BAM’s Business and Management History track by 17th February 2012.  BAM is a widely attended conference; last year’s event at Aston University attracted 693 delegates, and offers opportunities to discuss themes as wide raging as Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Knowledge and Learning, Marketing and Retailing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Strategic Management among many others.  We seek to attract papers that have historical relevance to categories such as these.  All full length papers that are submitted will be read by two referees and recommendations made, so BAM offers an excellent opportunity to gain some critique for a working paper before submitting it to a journal.
See for further conference and submissions information, or contact the Track Chair Kevin D. Tennent at



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