CFP: Canadian Business History

19 01 2012

I’m organizing a panel on Canadian business history for a conference that will take place in Birmingham, UK 6-7 July 2012.  This call for papers is directed at all historians of Canadian business and to environmental historians. 

The Association of Business Historians is an organization of business historians in the United Kingdom. About a hundred academics attend their annual conference. Roughly a third of the presenters are from the discipline of history, another third are economists, and the final third are in other disciplines (strategy, international business, human resource management etc).  The presenters range from really senior scholars to postgraduate students. Most of the presenters are based in Britain, although every year academics from the United States, continental Europe, and elsewhere attend.

Many presenters say that the feedback at this conference is very rigorous precisely because the audience is so interdisciplinary and international. I would tend to agree with this assessment.  Presenting a paper at this conference can help one to deal in advance with the criticisms an article might encounter when it undergoes peer review by people in different disciplines.  

I would like to organize a panel on Canadian business history for the next ABH conference, which will take place at Aston Business School, Friday 6th – Saturday 7th July 2012. (Aston Business School is in Birmingham). If you have research that you would like to present at an international conference, please contact me right away.

The theme of the 2012 ABH is “Decisions Makers and Decision Making”. I suspect that papers on business and the environment and/or the history of Corporate Social Responsibility would be welcomed by the conference organizers. In fact, I would really, really encourage Canadian environmental historians who are looking at corporations and the environment to get in touch with me. Of course, any business historical topic would be acceptable as well.   

The deadline for submissions is 31st January 2012. Unfortunately, the ABH wouldn’t be able to provide travel funding, but if you have other reasons for coming to the UK, you should consider being part of this panel. 

I’m certain that the ABH organizers would also welcome individual paper proposals from Canadians who don’t want to be part of this particular panel. 



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