ABH Exeter: Coleman Prize Finalists

3 07 2015

I’m attending the Association of Business Historians, 23rd Annual Conference, which is being held at the University of Exeter Business School (beautiful campus by the way).

I’m going to post more about the conference later. For the time being, I’m just going to share the details of the PhD dissertations that were finalists for the Coleman Prize.

The prize is open to PhD dissertations in business history completed within the last two years, either completed at a British university or having a British subject. The value of the prize is £250 and it is sponsored by Taylor & Francis, publishers of Business History, whose support the Association of Business Historians gratefully acknowledges. The winner of the prize will be announced at the pre-dinner reception at Reed Hall on the evening of 3 July.

Tyler Goodspeed, University of Oxford (PhD awarded at Harvard University) Essays in British Financial History

David Singerman, Rutgers University (PhD awarded at Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Inventing Purity in the Atlantic Sugar World, 1860-1930

Michael Weatherburn, Imperial College London Scientific Management at Work: the Bedaux System, Management Consulting, and Worker Efficiency in British Industry, 1914-48



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