The Routledge Companion to Business History

14 12 2016


AS: Routledge has just published an important new volume in its Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Accounting series. I am very pleased to promote it here.



The Routledge Companion to Business History is a definitive work of reference, and authoritative, international source on business history. Compiled by leading scholars in the field, it offers both researchers and students an introduction and overview of current scholarship in this expanding discipline.
Drawing on a wealth of international contributions, this volume expands the field and explores how business history interacts theoretically and methodologically with other fields. It charts the origins and development of business history and its global reach from Latin America and Africa, to North America and Europe. With this multi-perspective approach, it illustrates the unique contribution of business history and its relationship with a range of other disciplines, from finance and banking to gender issues in corporations.
The Routledge Companion to Business History is a vital source of reference for students and researchers in the fields of business history, corporate governance and business ethics.


Table of Contents

Part I: The Discipline of Business History 1. Introduction (John Wilson, Steve Toms, Abe De Jong and Emily Buchnea) 2. Business History: Agendas, Historiography and Debates (Steve Toms and John Wilson) 3. Origins and Development of the Discipline (Matthias Kipping, Takafumi Kurosawa and Dan Wadhwani) 4. Interdisciplinary Approaches and Methodology (David Higgins, Abe De Jong and Hugo Van Driel) Part II: Business Ownership 5. Personal/Family Capitalism (Andrea Colli) 6. Managerial Capitalism (John Quail) 7. Banks and Private Finance (Chris Colvin) 8. Stock Markets and Financial Capitalism (Andrew Smith and Kevin Tennent) 9. Co-Operatives and Not for Profit Organisations (Tony Webster) Part III: International Varieties of Capitalism 10. Africa (Gareth Austin) 11. Australia (Simon Ville and David Merrett) 12. Eastern Europe (Martin Kragh) 13. Latin America (Rory Miller) 14. North America (Mark Wilson) 15. Western Europe (Keetie Sluyterman and Gerarda Westerhuis) Part IV: Institutions 16. Pre Modern and Early Modern (Mark Casson and Catherine Casson) 17. Networks and Clusters (Emily Buchnea) 18. Business Institutions and the State (Bob Millward) 19. Evolution of Corporate Governance (Anna Tilba) 20. Globalisation and International Business (Cheryl Mcwatters and Pierre Gervais) Part V: Management and Ethics 21. The Managerial (Mitch Larson) 22. Gender and Business (Helen Doe) 23. Financial Crises and Scandals (Steve Toms) 24. Changing Perspectives on Business Ethics (Bernard Mees)



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