Angelika Rettberg on “Business and peace, or the business of peace”

24 10 2013

The History, Business,and Entrepreneurship newsletter is published a group of business historians in Colombia, a nation that appears to have a lively business history community.

You can download their October 2013  Newsletter here. This issue caught my eye because it contains an article that deals with the role of business in promoting peace, which is one of my research themes right now.

The article by Angelika Rettberg, “Business and peace, or the business of peace” deals with this theme as it relates to Colombia, a country that has been plagued by domestic instability.

Invisible Hands: New Book on History of American Free-Market Ideology

1 05 2009

I’ve put another book on my must read list for this summers. It’s Kim Phillips-Fein first book, Invisible Hands: The Making of the Conservative Movement from the New Deal to Reagan. I heard Kim present part of this research at the 2005 Business History Conference and I was really intrigued. I’m looking forward to reading this book.