Tory Attack Ads

15 05 2009

I’m not convinced that the Tory attack ads on Michael Ignatieff are going to work. In fact, the ads appear to highlight things about Ignatieff that most voters will like. For instance, the ads denounced Ignatieff as “cosmopolitan”—I suspect that for most Canadians, being cosmopolitan is a very good thing. After all, Canadians are proud of multiculturalism, addicted to foreign travel, and strongly in favour of closer ties to the EU. (This is certaintly the majority view in Ontario, the battleground in the next election). Pointing out that Ignatieff speaks French with a Parisian accent will probably not cost the Liberals any votes in Quebec, as voters there are pretty tolerant of Anglophone politicians who mangle their language. In any event, Ignatieff is much more fluent in French than Harper, who speaks French clearly but with a decidedly Albertan accent. The Montenegrin domain name the Tories found for their anti-Ignatieff website is mildly amusing: .

Invisible Hands: New Book on History of American Free-Market Ideology

1 05 2009

I’ve put another book on my must read list for this summers. It’s Kim Phillips-Fein first book, Invisible Hands: The Making of the Conservative Movement from the New Deal to Reagan. I heard Kim present part of this research at the 2005 Business History Conference and I was really intrigued. I’m looking forward to reading this book.