My Last Winter Olympics Post

6 03 2010

In my last Olympics-related post,  I would like to share some links.

First, The Economist has an excellent piece on the Olympics. I liked this bit the best: “Two decades ago 50% of Canadian adults took part in sport of some kind. Now the figure is only 30%, and obesity rates are rising. Perhaps Canada was just renting the podium.”

On Tuesday, CBC Radio One’s The Current featured a great discussion of the significance of the Vancouver Olympics. The guests were; Ron MacLean, the host of Hockey Night in Canada on CBC Television; Margaret MacMillan is a historian and the Warden at St. Anthony’s College at Oxford University; John Ralston Saul, the Toronto-based philosopher. You can hear the whole discussion here.  

Alan MacEachern, an environmental historian at the University of Western Ontario published a piece in the Globe on the gold-medal hockey game.

I’m also sharing a clip of a discussion on TVO’s Agenda about the impact of the Olympics on Terry Gitersos, who is currently working on a PhD in sport history at the University of Western Ontario. His thesis is on NHL hockey and Quebec nationalism in the 1980s.

Current Medal Count, Vancouver Olympics

20 02 2010

This is from the Vancouver Olympics official website. The numbers should update automatically. The figures are for gold, silver, bronze total. My only criticism of the site is that it doesn’t break down the national medal totals in per capita terms. The United States has twice as many medals as Norway, but its population is vastly larger.

USA 6 6 8 20
Norge 5 3 2 10
Tyskland 4 5 4 13
Kanada 4 3 1 8
Korea 3 2 0 5
Schweiz 3 0 1 4
Guld Silver Brons Totalt